Demon’s Souls Demons, Ranked

Demon’s Souls Demons, Ranked

Demon’s Souls gets pretty creative with its bosses compared to the games that came after it, both in terms of gameplay and aesthetics, so here’s how I think they rank from best to worst based on various criteria:

  1. Old Monk
  2. Storm King
  3. Adjudicator
  4. Flamelurker
  5. Dragon God
  6. Maiden Astraea
  7. Old Hero
  8. Fool’s Idol
  9. Old King Allant
  10. Phalanx
  11. Tower Knight
  12. Penetrator
  13. Armour Spider
  14. Maneater
  15. Dirty Colossus
  16. Leechmonger
  17. Vanguard

And thus was the world mended.


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