Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Demon’s Souls For PS5 In Australia

Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Demon’s Souls For PS5 In Australia
Image: Demon's Souls (PS5)
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Demon’s Souls is back, baby. The cult classic hack’n’slasher that kickstarted an entire genre of high-difficulty gothic horror adventures has been reborn for a new generation of PS5 owners.

Demon’s Souls was first released in 2009 for the PS3 and has since become a legend of the mid-2000s gaming era. With the remake, everyone will have a chance to experience all the pain and pleasure the original game brings. If you’re looking to grab Demon’s Souls for PS5, here’s the cheapest deals you can find in Australia.

First, it’s important to note this new generation of games will go for a premium price at launch. As time goes on this is likely to change but if you’re purchasing games for your new consoles, expect to pay a little bit extra for new releases.

With that in mind, the cheapest price for Demon’s Souls on PS5 is $109 at Amazon, Big W and JB Hi-Fi. Free delivery is included with the Amazon price, but at this late stage you’ll run the risk of having the game arrive later than launch if you order online. (Although you could always just dive into Astro’s Playroom to keep yourself occupied until it lands on your doorstep.)

JB Hi-Fi and Big W are your best bet here, but with so much attention on the PS5 and Demon’s Souls you’ll want to head in fast before stores run out of stock. If you’re lucky, you’ll also be able to price match to $109 at your local EB Games retailer (just have a chat with staff and see what you can work out).

If you miss out on Amazon, Big W and JB Hi-Fi you’ll be looking at the full retail cost of the game, with most other store stocking the game for $124.95 RRP.

Here’s where you can grab the best deals for Demon’s Souls in Australia:

We wish you luck. When it comes to Demon’s Souls, you’ll definitely need it.


  • I got it for $80 from gorilla gaming (a spin off of mighty ape). TBF I have no idea how long it’ll take to ship… but to save $30 I can wait

    • update. Aus post received it today, apparently it’ll take afew days to send… so I expect to have it around 17th

  • Getting a digital PS5 so $125 will hurt, but I expect great things from Demon’s Souls so will take the hit to get in early. I’ve got a date with flamelurker to make up for so much PS3 shame.

    • I bought Spiderman + Demon Souls digital today and took the hit to have something to play, but I know pretty well much anything from here on out will be waiting for sales.

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