Destiny Has A New Loot Cave

Destiny Has A New Loot Cave
Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

Players have discovered a new monster closet that can be farmed for easy loot and I’ve already spent an hour mindlessly shooting into it.

Naturally, it’s in the Cosmodrome, the same planetary location as the original loot cave that quickly became the stuff of legend back when the first Destiny launched. While Bungie did bring back the first loot cave as part of adding the Cosmodrome to Destiny 2 in its Beyond Light expansion, it was only the nerfed version, complete with an old easter egg but no new loot.

This new loot cave, whispers of which began getting passed around from Guardian to Guardian over the weekend, is the real deal. It’s in The Divide and revolves around a small building with a room inside that endlessly spawns Fallen, including powerful ones (read: yellow health bar). The Divide is one of the locations where Destiny 2’s introductory First Light mission brings new players to get acquainted with the game, and as a result it’s often packed with enemies, which is probably why this one particular building spawns so many of them so quickly.

Gif: Bungie / Kotaku Gif: Bungie / Kotaku

Stand back, aim at the doorway, and you’ll be able to pick off waves of Fallen that spawn in groups of four waves starting every 30 seconds or so. By the time I showed up this morning there were already a bunch of other players casually farming engrams and bounties.

Now loot doesn’t work in Destiny 2 quite the same way it did at the start of the original game, so the usefulness of this new loot cave is a bit different. Yes, you can still farm legendary engrams, and yes it feels good to get rewarded for barely doing anything, but especially for higher power players there are much more efficient ways to continue the grind (like mainlining strikes or ranking up in Crucible).

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

But this new loot cave still has some big benefits. In addition to getting blue and purple drops that can help bring you up to the soft power cap of 1200 quickly if you haven’t already reached it, you can also use any of those Finest Matterweaves you might still have lying around in your inventory to quickly farm for enhancement cores, a resource integral to masterworking (and thus making more powerful) your most prized gear.

Finally, the loot cave is an easy way to fly through Gunsmith and Cosmodrome bounties. In some ways, the bounty grind has surpassed the traditional loot grind of random drops in Destiny 2, and the new loot cave is perfectly suited to that new purpose. It’s also a fine place to tackle any quest steps you might have in your log that require you to kill X number of enemies in Y fashion.

Gif: Bungie / Kotaku Gif: Bungie / Kotaku

Since the discovery of the first loot cave, Destiny players have kept a lookout for others, and while they’ve found some good farming spots on various occasions, none have been true successors, either in terms of the level of rewards or the huge groups of players who would gather around them.

In a lot of ways, this latest location feels like the closest players have gotten to re-living the weird Skinner Box magic of the first one, even if the game’s loot grind has since evolved beyond it. Then again, the original loot cave was never super rewarding either, players just felt like it was. And on that front this new one is doing just fine so far, at least until Bungie eventually gets around to patching it.

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