DOSBox Is Getting A Fancier, More Modern Version

DOSBox Is Getting A Fancier, More Modern Version
Image: DOSBox Pure
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DOSBox, long the best way to play old PC games on a modern system, has its quirks. But a new take on the open-source platform, due later this year, promises to make a lot of things just that little bit easier.

It’s being made by developer Bernhard Schelling, who says he’ll be “aiming for simplicity and ease of use”. Here’s a trailer where he runs through some of the key features of this new version, called DOSBox Pure:

Some of those features include the introduction of stuff like being able to run a game directly from its zip file (including mounting CD images straight from zip files) and full support for controllers.

It’s (hopefully) coming at the end of the year.

When it hits, if you’re after some old PC games, I know exactly where you can start looking:


    • You can’t directly download things from there. The US version includes a link to another article about the eXoDOS collection (which is apparently the source for some of the Internet Archive’s streamable games).

      • Good sleuthing! Though you can definitely download things from the site I linked. There’s torrent links in that particular m collection, and there are many other collections on for old DOS software. If you look on other collections (especially isos for game CDs), you’ll find even more. I do this on a regular basis.

      • Well the nice thing about the GOG version of DOSBox is that they spend the time configuring it specifically to that title so that you don’t have to. 🙂

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