Fall Guys Reveals Inevitable Season 3 Theme In Laborious Manner

Fall Guys Reveals Inevitable Season 3 Theme In Laborious Manner

If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, you’ll likely have noticed it’s getting chillier. That’s because of a global phenomenon called “winter”. Winter, as they said on the popular soap opera Game Of Thrones, will be popping its icy head around the door any time now. And if you’ve ever played a video game, you’ll know that this is the time of year when things get wintry! So many popular games will be adding in their winter themes any time now! Sure, bummer for the Southern hemisphere, but it’s not my fault which way up God put planet Earth.

Anyway, that aside, Fall Guys is getting ready to launch into its third season, and thought it would do this by announcing a theme. But what theme?! What would those crazy, zany, wacky guys think of next? They weren’t just going to say! Instead they launched a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle, and offered pieces of it to the denizens of Twitter and Discord, asking them to put aside their weapons and hate and work together for once.

Mediatonic sent out 300 individual pieces via DMs on Twitter, Discord (and apparently Instagram although that seems forgotten), even allowing some little tyke called Geoff Keighley to have a go with a Dorito-shaped piece. Peace broke out across the world, the internet linked arm in arm, and within a few hours the whole thing was complete. And you’ll absolutely never guess what it revealed!

Illustration: Ben Cuff / Mediatonic Illustration: Ben Cuff / Mediatonic

Yes, the theme for Fall Guys Season 3 is winter.

And yes, I AM throwing down, Mediatonic, because you seem far too talented and nice and funny, and it sickens me. Season 4 needs to,

a) have a better theme

b) be even more laboriously revealed

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