I Really Like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Easily Readable Lore Screens

I Really Like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Easily Readable Lore Screens
Screenshot: Ubisoft

I like a lot of things about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I like the setting. I like the new quest system. I like the changes to the loot system that frees my character from hauling dozens of the same sword. What’s also great? I can read the game’s lore text from my couch with ease.

Too many games I’ve played lately seem designed for people who either a) have perfect vision or b) keep their face close to their screen.

The result is a succession of major games of late that might have awesome lore but might also double as a vision test. It’s not just that games are full of tiny text. They also cram a lot of words in one place. (See also the problem with too much micro-text on the Nintendo Switch.)

I therefore must celebrate the lore text for Valhalla. Look above. Look how readable that is. Imagine sitting back on your couch and seeing that on your TV. Hopefully your eyes would be as pleased as mine.

I even feel like the game’s subtitles are more readable than they were in Valhalla’s predecessor, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. But that might mostly be an illusion or the subtle results of slightly increased line spacing.

Here’s Valhalla:

Screenshot: UbisoftScreenshot: Ubisoft

Here’s Odyssey:

Screenshot: UbisoftScreenshot: Ubisoft

Whatever the case, let’s hear it for a game you can read from afar. And that’s without even fiddling with the game’s text size options.

Screenshot: UbisoftScreenshot: Ubisoft

I’m about nine hours into this game, and so far, its other features are pretty good, too!


  • Sure, the game’s lore text might be easily readable from your couch but if the entry for Gunnar is anything to go by, seriously, why would you? Talk about bland, flavourless and uninformative.

    I mean, it’s primarily here a cross reference to other characters and places you also don’t care about. And WTF? “He carried that love of community” and “he yearns for a more immediate family he can call his own”. This is the best they can do?

    I mean, how many of your friends, work colleagues, family, that guy you saw on TV, or the backpacker you bumped into that one time in Cinque Terre would you describe like this? Let alone a Viking FFS…

    • I’m pretty well on board with you here… So many times I’ll read stuff like this and feel myself cringe.

      It’s not even a problem unique to Ubisoft games, I really feel like far too many games have ‘lore’ that feels like something that was copy and pasted from a fan fiction forum.

  • Ubisoft game with easy to read lore…
    Before or after they stick it on top of a mountain, under a rock, covered in snakes.

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