JB HiFi’s Second Xbox Series X Wave Will Ship Earlier Than Expected

JB HiFi’s Second Xbox Series X Wave Will Ship Earlier Than Expected
Image: Kotaku

If you were unfortunate enough to miss out on the first wave of PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles from JB HiFi, don’t worry: the second wave will arrive much faster than you thought.

The retailer has begun sending out messages to those who preordered the next-gen consoles. Users had originally thought the second wave of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles would arrive in December — indeed, some retailers specifically marked their preorders as such.

However, it now turns out that the second JB HiFi Xbox wave will arrive very soon. Users have been told that the second wave of consoles will be “available on 23rd November, or shortly afterwards”, according to a text seen by Kotaku Australia. One user posted online that they’d been originally told to expect the console closer to Christmas, so the earlier timeframe is definitely a huge plus.

The text also gives users three days to complete their preorder payment.

It’s not known at this stage whether JB HiFi’s second wave of PS5 consoles will be shipping around the same time. However, users have reported online that stores have begun calling users to allocate a time for when the consoles can be picked up. Sony Australia has also begun sending notifications to users that ordered through the Sony Australia directly.

Have you preordered an Xbox Series X or PS5 from JB HiFi? How have you found the customer experience so far?


  • Any idea when the Series X will be widely available?

    I’m keen to pick one up next year but can’t be bothered with all the pre-order, instant selling out nonsense.

  • I wish EB games would give us some indication of what a post-launch preorder means. No idea when I should be expecting to get it.

  • Cool and all, but I’m just gonna wait til January/Feb/March or so when they’re all likely gonna be widely available. A few months won’t kill, FOMO has died off for me.

  • I wonder if any other wave 2 pre-orders might be coming early (wishful thinking). Telstra’s last message just over a week ago was still mid December for delivery.

    I’d find it surprising that JB gets their second wave earlier than Telstra, being the AU Xbox all access partner and all, but oh well. As long as it comes pre-24th December as it’s the ‘family’ Christmas present..

    • I have no idea how it works but you would assume all second wave per orders would arrive at the same time for everyone wouldn’t you?

      • You would think (I would hope), but it could be that JB has more orders with MS? Or were more conservative with their wave 1 allocations, or any number of other things..

        Been watching my inbox like a hawk and so far, nothing has changed…

        • I know the feeling. I thought I was second wave through JB but they haven’t sent a text or anything yet. Not sure that’s a good sign…

  • I got my text notification yesterday yet my mates didn’t. We ordered minutes apart.
    Also, they only give 4 options for click and collect.

    My closest is 50km away which is far from ideal.

  • Yah I got my text yesterday. All done and dusted now. Strange thing though
    – limited choices in what store to pick up. I’ll have travel quite a distance.

    • I had a similar experience – a few days after this I got a text about my Series S getting shipped by 30 November (so a week after) but yeah the clock and collect options were all Gold Coast stores (I’m in the North side of Brisbane) why they couldn’t click and collect to any store is beyond me

  • The last communication I’ve had with JB Hi-Fi was on the 7th of October; they text me:

    Great news! Your Xbox Series X Console 1TB pre-order is ready for final payment. Avoid the wait by choosing Click & Collect to pick up from your local JB store on release day! Pay now. Be quick and don’t lose your spot in the queue! Link expires Sunday 11 October 11:59pm (AEST)

    This was after on the 5th receiving this:

    Daniel, your spot in the queue for your Xbox Series X pre-order is confirmed! We’ll SMS you soon with a link to pay your remaining console balance. Pay by Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. Gift Cards not accepted. More info: https://jbhifi.com.au/2020consoles

    Does this mean I can expect I’ll get it release day? I chose click and collect.

    • Call your pickup store. I was in the same boat as you (except for ps5) and I called today and they confirmed a launch day unit for pickup

  • Update on my earlier comment. I got a text message today Friday 13/11/20 saying my console was now ready (initially 23/11/20). Picked it up today – happy days and happy gaming. Bit confused though about the mixed messages but I’ll take it.

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