League of Legends Pro Suspended And Fined For Hate Speech

League of Legends Pro Suspended And Fined For Hate Speech

Kim “OnFleek” Jang-gyeom, a League of Legends pro for Sandbox Gaming, has been fined and will be suspended for hate speech.

Inven reports that Kim made a racist remark during a stream. As translated by Ashley Kang, a writer for ESPN Sports, Kim wrote, “The only good Chinese is a dead Chinese.”

“It has been confirmed that OnFleek had used an inappropriate comment while reporting a player during his stream,” wrote Riot in an official statement (via Inven).

Riot issued Kim with a one million South Korean won ($1,228) fine as well as a three-game ban.

Kim’s team went further, fining him another 3 million won ($3,682) and banning him for the whole first round of the 2021 season. Moreover, the team is requiring him to do thirty hours of community service.

“We will educate about the seriousness and danger of using discriminating or racist comments to all of the players,” Sandbox Gaming wrote in an official statement (via Inven). “We’ll continue to educate and examine regularly so that such doesn’t happen again.”

Earlier this year, it was announced that OnFleek had extended his contract with Sandbox Gaming.


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