The Long Rumoured Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Releases Next Autumn

The Long Rumoured Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Releases Next Autumn
Image: Bioware

Today, as part of N7 Day, Bioware officially announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which collects the original three Mass Effect games into one remastered collection, featuring improved visuals, textures, and all previously released DLC. It comes out next year in the Australian autumn for PC and consoles.

Bioware isn’t calling the Mass Effect remastered edition a full remake, but instead is aiming to greatly improve and clean-up the original games so both new and returning players can experience the classic RPG trilogy in its “best possible form.” The improvements include new shaders, improved character models and textures, higher resolutions, and improved framerates.

It’s coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Bioware also says the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions will include “targeted enhancements,” so expect even better space visuals on the next-gen machines.

Originally released back in 2007, the first game in the Mass Effect trilogy was an Xbox 360 exclusive. (Remember that? It was weird.) After that, though all later Mass Effect games would be multiplatform releases, including the most recent Mass Effect Andromeda. Also, no, Andromeda is not a part of this collection.

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  • The original being exclusive at the time was not weird at all. Bioware was an independent developer at the time and the new IP was being published by Microsoft game studios which naturally made it an xbox exclusive.

    • In the context of ME1 player choices affecting what transpires in ME2 and ME3 through save file carryover, it was interesting that they released ME2 and ME3 for PlayStation but the author didn’t explain if that’s why it’s “weird”. At the same time, there was never anything stopping you from jumping in from ME2 or even ME3 on Xbox 360 rather than playing each game chapter as intended but you’d still feel like you were missing big story elements.

      Last week there was an article written about Jet Set Radio on this website where a different author wrote the game is “fundamentally flawed” but offered no reason and was kinda just chucked in there like this “weird” comment. Frustrating because I want to know why they thought so.

      • Also if you didn’t play ME1, ME2 presented the backstory via interactive cutscenes that allowed you to establish your prefered story choices from the original. Again the original was completely funded by Microsoft game studios as the publisher, so I would also like to hear the context to why the author thinks it’s temporary Xbox 360 exclusivity was weird.

  • Goddamn it’s been a long time coming. I can’t wait to pester my ME virgin friends to finally play it now they have no excuse. Oh, and to play it again. That’ll be great too (though I expect they’ll probably modernise (ruin) the first Mass Effect and make the original far more appealing to me).

    I’m excited that they’re publicly saying they’re working on ‘the next chapter’ of Mass Effect though – I don’t care what everyone else thought, Andromeda, though certainly flawed, was great and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some new Mass Effect.

  • Biowares preceding 2 bigger titles – KOTOR & Jade Empire were also xbox console exclusives. So , yeah it definitely wasn’t “weird” at the time.

  • Would have preferred this to happen in 2-3 years time when it would be fully aimed at next gen consoles.
    I mean im on PC, but the lowest common denominator holds back games regardless of how powerful what you have is.

    Also, bets on how much gets changed now that Bioware seems somewhat SJW-y and has seemingly gone downhill on all game development fronts/skills (anthem, andromeda being clusterfucks).
    Bet miranda butt shots are gone and probably her butt in general, Samara wont have that full plunging v line top, something hamhanded about asari ‘gender’ identity will be shoved in (it was already pretty well established in 1-3, but they had to push it in andromeda).

    but i am hopeful that even though its not a full ‘remake’ that maybe they’ll add some of the bits and pieces that only just missed out on inclusion. Like Legion joining the team earlier in the second game so you can have more missions with him (he had lines recorded for many/most earlier missions).

    • I suspect they will make none of the changes you’ve mentioned. It would cost money over simply polishing what was already there, and isn’t something fans have been asking for.

      It’s more likely to see high res textures, more detailed models, improved lighting, and possibly a revamped character creator that is consistent across the three games.

      • A revamped or at least consistent character creator sort of feels like a must for me. At the time going from 1-2 and seeing a sometimes dramatically different Shepard wasn’t a massive deal, but in a compiled collection of all three it’d be pretty jarring. I’m really hoping, and sort of expecting, all three are ported onto the exact same engine (maybe Unreal 4 assuming that’d be the easiest to port the series to (Unreal 3 being the base for all three games though I imagine the spefics of each engine was a quite different each time)) and could support a properly intergrated shared character creator. That’d be fantastic.

        Worst case scenario EA forced them to use Frostbite again and it’s all a (pretty) mess (though I’ll still defend Andromeda as rough, but solid). Perhaps foolishly I’m optimistic they wouldn’t do that again though, or at least would make sure the tools they made for Andromeda and Anthem would be enough to make it easier to work with.

      • Honestly i was imagining the shitfit some people will be throwing on the likes of 4chan about those changes and having a chuckle to myself, so felt like posting it.
        I mean i would be sad if it happened because miranda and her butt are best girl, but i was only half serious about whether i actually think they’d do it.
        I wouldnt be surprised at all if they do, but also like you say it costs time/money so its highly plausible they wont too.

    • Goddamn you are one dumb, pathetic shitstain aren’t you? No, consoles don’t hold back PC versions of the games and haven’t for a decade. Just using the phrase ‘SJW’ shows what sub-human illogical trash you are. And Andromeda despite some technical hitches is a great game which didn’t fulfil it’s potential but a sequel absolutely could. Get back to your sad cave.

      • “No, consoles don’t hold back PC versions of the games and haven’t for a decade.”

        Diablo 3 says hello

        “Just using the phrase ‘SJW’ shows what sub-human illogical trash you are. And Andromeda despite some technical hitches is a great game which didn’t fulfil it’s potential but a sequel absolutely could. Get back to your sad cave.”

        You know, you could have risen above their comment instead you decided to lower yourself further than them and make yourself look like an even bigger idiot.

      • Haha, no need to get so mad dude. You say im the pathetic shitstain when you act like this “insert laughing until crying emoji here”.
        I used that term for the easiest short way to explain what sort of group of developers they seem to have nowadays. Not necessarily particularly worried/angry about those things in general, but sometimes they are annoying. I assume you are part of some group that people who use that term might often dislike, so you get overly butthurt about its use. But not everything is an attack on you. You need to chill more, stress isn’t good for you.

        Also i like andromeda too overall tbh (combat is great, some interesting story threads), but theres a lot of stuff in there thats clearly due to incompetence and some due to the aforementioned “SJW” types, again just using it as an easy way to imply what i mean, where they are more worried about making some statement than they are about the game actually being good.

        Also yes you could also say that its low end PCs also holding gaming back. But really the people on those are just playing LOL and DOTA 24/7. Consoles are the main target for big games, so yes they are what will be the target point, with some improved options for more powerful hardware. Its been like 4+ years since you could even buy parts for a PC that were as weak as the xbox one/PS4 so to have games still targeting that as the main level is clearly going to hold them back. Theres only so many different quality assets they will make for a game, not to mention the graphics techniques and amounts they can/cant use.
        When were talking about a game on the very cusp of the next generation, of course the old generation version will be holding it back, there is quite literally no way for it not to be.

  • Awesome that they’re finally working on Mass Effect 4 as well as releasing the remastered trilogy.


    I’m hoping they don’t rework the combat and mechanics in 1 to match the others, as I actually prefer the first to the arcadey gameplay of the later ones.

    Also… #justiceformorinth

    Its pretty terrible what they did to her in ME3. I do hope that they release a way to do the datapad integration, since the messages you got from crewmates in it as you played the game was really neat.

    • I actually feel the opposite in regards to the first game, would love for them to rework the combat as classes like Biotic and Vanguard (basically anything other than Soldier from memory) felt a bit shit.
      I doubt they’ll touch it at all though, probably just update the visuals.

  • I love the original Mass Effect trilogy. Mass Effect: Andromeda was a huge disappointment to me personally, but I am glad to hear that others enjoyed the experience.

    I hope they re-work the game play of Mass Effect 1. While some fans criticised the game play of Mass Effect 2 and 3, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than ME1. ME1 feels… clumsy, compared to the later games.

    ME3 in my opinion has the best game play, but probably the weakest story (until the DLCs came along, to be fair).

    I’m interested to see how they remaster this game, but I’m not sure if I’ll buy it. I might wait for game play videos.

    • Probably a weird take from me (as a fan of 1 over the rest) but I definitely think its gameplay is by far the clunkiest, most awkward and sometimes even broken of the series – but that’s part of why I love it.

      ME was trying to be part 3rd person shooter, part RPG, part real time strategy game and part turn based strategy game, and I think on any given front it sort of fell short – it was a mess as a shooter, sort of shallow for an RPG, and the real time and turn based strategy elements were both too shallow to sink your teeth into and too complicated to be mindless and automatic. Judged as any of the above it was sort of subpar, but for me it was an amazing blend of everything that, even when it (frequently) didn’t work, was always fascinating.

      The main reason I love it over the rest is the sense of scale – everything about ME:1 felt massive in a way 2 and 3 didn’t. I talked about that feeling a whole lot more (in this video if you’re interested) but in a nutshell that sense of scale is why I loved the Mako despite its terrible handling – and it’s also why I love the gameplay despite it’s significant flaws.

      • I also enjoyed the first game the most and the sense of scale you refer to was certainly part of it. The world building and depth was just incredible. I know #2 is praised for its focus on the characters, but I was actually a little disappointed by the more focused story after such a set up in the first.

        • OK, so it’s bad form to link another of my videos, I wouldn’t do it if your comment wasn’t exactly the premise of another video (linked here ). I mean if your comment were inserted word for word it’d basically be the blurb for my video.

          Looking back now it’s far from a good video, but I stand by my arguments, if not the poor production quality. It’s cool to see someone take almost exactly the same line I did in regards to ME2 – the focus on characters was a bit of a let down for me too in a way that most people seem to disagree with.

  • Oh what? I came here expecting to see the calls for a rework of the ME3 ending and am disappointed to see none!

    In any event, it’s good to see this fantastic series getting new life. Not that I think I will have time to play it all again given my already large backlog.

    Really was a shame about that ending though…

    • I let go of my hatred of the ending long ago. Plus indoctrination theory makes the ending a lot more palatable.

    • I only played it post-DLC, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, so I guess I will simply never understand the complaints.

      • “I only played it post-DLC”

        “and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, so I guess I will simply never understand the complaints.”

        Well no shit, They fixed the ending somewhat in a free DLC after launch. You haven’t actually played the game before they fixed the ending.

        • The ‘fix’ was spelling things out what was obvious for those that had been paying attention the whole trilogy. Not having the DLC would just mean you wouldn’t have your hand held and having everything spelt out by the Catalyst’s avatar for you.

          That and adding in Fallout style post-game bits since there were some people that felt every game needed it.

          Having them add the ‘shoot the catalyst and get the worst ending’ was hilarious tho, from the reactions of people being shocked that they couldn’t get away with giving the AI the metaphorical bird anymore.

    • I don’t actually think the original endings were that bad, but my headcannon ending is basically Shepard watching the Reapers crash to Earth with Anderson. Both survive, no big scrifice / coloured explosion sequence.

      Also Kai Leng never existed. Mainly that last bit.

      Oh, and Samantha Traynor was made the face of Cision toothbrushes and retired young on a mountain of advertising money which she used to fund a lavish lifestyle in a remote corner of the universe with Shepard that isn’t constantly blaring advertisements with either the line ‘The toothbrush that saved the Normandy’ or ‘I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favourite store on the citadel’. They have clothed showers every day, and while it’s an open secret that everyone finds a bit weird no one says anything because they’re the woman who saved the universe with a toothbrush (the Cision Pro mk 4 no less) and Commander Shepard.

      Yes, it is a very specific headcannon in some respects, but hey, it’s mine.

  • Mass Effect 1 was great.
    2 was the worst of the series because it removed almost all RPG elements and turned the game into a waist-high wall shooter.
    The original ending of 3 was perfect.

    Now all of that unpleasantness is out of the way, this looks good. Might get my wife to finally play it. She only ever played Andromeda and wasn’t impressed.

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