Next-Gen Consoles Load So Fast I Can’t Doomscroll Anymore

Next-Gen Consoles Load So Fast I Can’t Doomscroll Anymore
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2020 hasn’t been a good year to check the internet. So, a nice bonus of playing on new, faster consoles is that I no longer have time to doomscroll through Twitter anymore.

I first started noticing this when I played Godfall, of all games. I like Godfall. It’s mindless fun with some shiny, fancy graphics and a satisfying amount of loot and combat. But it’s not the most narratively engaging game, so I find my mind wandering a bit during cutscenes or between missions. And when I’m in this state I tend to grab my phone and check Twitter during long periods of downtime. This usually meant during loading screens. But I can’t do that anymore because Godfall, like so many other next-gen games, loads in seconds or less.

I still reach for my phone when a loading screen or bar pops up in games like Miles Morales or Godfall. Habits don’t break overnight. But by the time I grab it the game is done loading and it’s time to play.

I could pause the game and do some doomscrolling, but I’m trying to avoid that as much as possible. I don’t need to read every single update on how the President is trying to use court cases and cowardly Republicans to break democracy. I don’t need to read each new report about how bad the Covid-19 pandemic is getting. I don’t need to watch as millions of people around the world scoff at basic science and avoid wearing masks. I don’t need any of that, not when a video game has loaded up and is ready to be played.

Photo: Microsoft / Sony Photo: Microsoft / Sony

Going into these consoles, we knew that they would be fast. But it’s one thing to see a video from Sony showing how fast a game loads. It’s a whole another thing when that game is in your room and it is really, truly that fast. No tricks. No editing magic. Just raw speed and power being piped through a 4k display. And all that power is helping me spend less time reading bad tweets and watching sad news clips, which is a huge help to my overall mental state.

I’ll never completely stop doomscrolling or reading the news. (Whatever you prefer to call it.) I care too much about what’s going on to truly disconnect. But these new consoles and their speedy loading screens and instant boot-ups have cut out a few minutes of my day that was once spent looking at a tiny screen, hoping for good news but only finding pain, sadness, and despair.

Now I’ve replaced that time with web-slinging and big men swinging swords at lizard-men. As a result, I’m a happier person for it.

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  • Person complains about finding nothing but pain, sadness and despair on Twitter.

    Person also continues to still use Twitter.

    Here’s my genuine and probably very unpopular opinion… If you can’t stay the fuck off Twitter for the loading screens in a game or such, you absolutely have a problem.

    Don’t give me this bullshit about ‘truly caring and needing to stay connected to everything’, because shit like that is akin to an addict with no self-control reaching for reasons to validate their habit.

    • My take is that Twitter is cancer and the absolute worst site on the internet that isn’t in the deepweb. People might think it’s 4chan or 8chan or tumblr, but it’s actually Twitter. It’s irredeemable.

      • It really is just an absolute cesspool.

        The sheer lack of accountability people face when they decide to be vile human beings to others on sites like Twitter just lets them feel validated in their actions, righteous even. All as if it is perfectly acceptable.

        The ‘funny’ part is some people who might read this will have automatically assumed I wasn’t talking about them. As they’re on a X side, so they think the toxic bullshit they subject their opponents to is fine. When really it should have them shot into the fucking sun.

  • I saw a tweet the other day that was like “hi, sorry it took so long to reply to your text message but video games don’t have loading screens anymore”.

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