Official Spider-Man x PlayStation Sneakers Are Blergh

Official Spider-Man x PlayStation Sneakers Are Blergh
Photo: Adidas

As we told you last month, Miles Morales — who in the recent animated film made Air Jordan 1s an iconic part of his entire character — has lost his Nike deal in exchange for an Adidas one. And it’s a definite downgrade.

Miles Morales Has Lost His Air Jordan 1s, Which Sucks

So one of the best things about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and really about Miles Morales in general, is that he’s an extremely relatable kid. That was true of his personality and exploits, sure, but it even went as far as his shoes.

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While originally all we had to go on were some images from the game, Adidas and Sony have now of course come out and announced that Miles’ sneakers from Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be available to buy in the real world.

Photo: Adidas Photo: Adidas

As expected, they’re a pair of black and red Superstars, albeit low-cut ones (the first in-game shots had Miles wearing high tops, though it’s since been announced these will also be available in the game). Aside from the colourway, there are licensing nods with a spider web at the heel and a PlayStation-branded deubré at the bottom of the laces.

Photo: Adidas Photo: Adidas

PlayStation’s announcement post says:

We know Miles is a stylish teenager from Brooklyn who has just moved to Harlem. In the beginning of the game he has designed his own Spider Suit out of sportswear, everyday clothing he loves to wear. But it wouldn’t be a Spider-Man suit without some serious drip, and Miles needed some killer sneakers to complete the look. As you sneakerheads can attest, a huge part of being yourself is the style you slip onto your feet.

Enter our friends from adidas.

Insomniac, PlayStation, and Marvel Games worked in close collaboration with adidas to create new sneakers for Miles to wear in game. We knew right away that we wanted to honour the adidas Superstar sneakers on their 50th anniversary. It’s a classic design, connected to New York, and quintessentially adidas. We chose to exhibit the timeless colours for which he’s most known: the black suit with the red spider icon.

Which, really, is just ad copy for Adidas. No teenager in 2020 is going to think Superstars are “serious drip”. These are shoes for Miles’ dad.

They’ll be out on November 19 for $US90 ($124).

Photo: Adidas Photo: Adidas


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