Oh No, Watch Dogs: Legion

Oh No, Watch Dogs: Legion

The biggest selling point of Watch Dogs: Legion is the vast array of randomised characters you can recruit to your underground army of revolutionary activists. But sometimes NPC professions and backgrounds line up in unfortunate ways.

A paediatrician. Who recently ended a personal relationship with a patient.

OK, yeah, maybe don’t invite Shannon Dickey to the next community meeting, no matter how valuable you think her medical credentials and dart gun might be on the next mission.


  • I had a paediatrician come up as a doctor type… and I was thinking, I haven’t seen a single child in this game. (especially since AC Syndicate had children in london)

    So I checked there profile, they had a patient appointment… turned up, was an adult patient.

  • I think this is great, shows a company willing to show some reality, is it gross, yes but we want more realism, this is it, but those of us who are sane know it’s a game and this is a random event, but then there will be those who condemn the game and somehow will twist this into the game promoting paedophilia.

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