Old School Runescape Just Broke Its Concurrent Player Record

Old School Runescape Just Broke Its Concurrent Player Record

Hi, yes, the 2013 version of Old School Runescape (which is actually from 2007), which you may not have played or even thought about for a decade, is now as popular as ever thanks to some recent changes made by the development team.

It was announced yesterday that 157,445 people were playing the game at once, a new record for the venerable MMO:

That’s…a lot of people playing a 7 year-old version of a 19 year-old game. So what gives?

Runescape recently implemented “league” play, which is the “Leagues II: Trailblazer” part of that tweet above. The game’s wiki describes them as “an alternate game mode that features players starting fresh to compete in limited-time leagues. Each league has a different set of rules that is designed to uniquely challenge players. Leagues have hundreds of tasks that can be completed to earn points which can in turn be used to unlock relics that offer varying buffs for the duration of the league.”

Trailblazer, which kicked off late last month, will run until January 2021.

For reference, and as PC Gamer notes, 157,000 concurrent players would put Runescape in the top 10 on Steam’s rankings, not far below Among Us.


  • Ive gone back and been having a blast with the league (used to play back in the day). It kind of reminds me of diablos seasons or Path of Exiles league systems. The increased exp rate combined with the recall relic(you did pick this one right?) to teleport back to a previous location makes levelling a breeze.

    • I chose Production Master and Eternal Jeweller. I was going to pick Last Recall but realized that my gameplan meant I wouldn’t be using it much and Eternal Jewellery was going to be more usefull

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