Ask Us Anything About The PS5 Or The Next-Gen Games

Ask Us Anything About The PS5 Or The Next-Gen Games
Image: Kotaku Australia
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Embargoes are out of the way. Consoles are out the door. People are getting hands on — or getting their orders in for Christmas. And some are still on the fence. So if you have questions about the PS5, or the PS5 experience, you can ask Leah and I directly.

It’s been a massive week, but now that we can finally talk about the console in its entirety, that’s precisely what we’ll do. Leah and I will be breaking it all down on the Kotaku Australia Twitch channel.

We’ve played a fair chunk of next-gen games (or crossgen games on the new consoles) as well, including Demon’s SoulsMiles MoralesYakuza: Like a DragonDiRT 5Watch Dogs: Legion, NBA 2K21 and some previous gen titles too. God of War at 60 FPS is definitely a good time.

You can join us below through our Twitch channel from 2.35pm-3.35pm AEDT / 1.35pm-2.35pm AEST / 2.05pm-3.05pm ACST / 12.35pm-1.35pm AWST.

We’re taking questions not only from the Twitch chat and the comments here, but from our Aussie Discord server as well. We’ve got a lovely little community going, and you can ping myself or Leah any questions, or hang out with the other TAYbies. Highly recommended. Lot of cool people in there.


  • I’d love to know what it’s like to have the PS5 that you bought and paid for, instead of having it gather dust in some QLD depot because EB Games decided to send it on the day before launch via AusPost, rather than store them with local couriers until release date like almost every other retailer in the country did. By regular snail-mail, mind you. No Express option to be had here.

    It’s a really good time to look at AusPost tracking and see no estimated date, no current information, no information as to where it’s located, just that it was picked up and “We’ve got it” since 4:28pm on 11/11.

    I love that I can not even speak to anyone regarding this because EB on Twitter, Facebook and call centre have no response other than “because COVID and embargo” which is utter tosh. No other local retailer had such widespread issues. Meanwhile, AusPost who genuinely is an innocent party here seems to be trying their best to fix EB’s absolute balls up and mistreatment of customers.

    Burn in (insert chosen denomination version of damnation here) EB Games. Can’t wait to see them close down permanently.

    • Bit of an extra kick that they were the only ones charging for delivery as well as far as I could see, they were also the first ones to jump out of the gates with orders after the presentation.

      Hope it gets to you soon, mine luckily arrived this afternoon. By the images that my partner sent me, it appears to have seen some challenges along the way though…

      • I wonder if this was a problem imposed by Sony refusing to let them ship the consoles before day of.

        Wonder if Sony still harboured a bit of bad blood after all those street dates broke embargo earlier this year (cough FF7R)

        • It’s possible they’ve been particularly guarded coming up to this launch. I think I did read somewhere that EB Canada did something similar and sent them out late as well, not sure how much they have to do with each other though.

        • Sony: You’re not allowed to ship until the day of release.

          EB: Aha! jokes on you, we aren’t even going to be able to manage that!

    • Someone that shares my woes,
      Last touch on my tracking was that it was headed from middle of no where QLD to Victoria (chucked the addresses in google maps and it was an 18hr trip) this started 2:30am yesterday, No updates since,

      So at this point best case scenario is Monday,
      Probably the best part of it all was it (according to aus post) only reached them 4:30pm on the day before release.. At a minimum if your going to do day before release get them there 9am…
      Complete and utter mess up.

  • Anyone in Australia with Stan tried it on their PS5? Netflix, Disney+ and Prime all work, but when I try and watch something on Stan the video is all distorted.

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