Everything We Learned From PlayStation’s Whopping PS5 Blog

Everything We Learned From PlayStation’s Whopping PS5 Blog
Image: Sony

The PS5 is nearly here and to celebrate, Sony has released a massive blog detailing everything you need to know about the new console. Most of the information included has already been talked about, but there’s a few key nuggets we haven’t heard about yet. Here’s everything we picked up in Sony’s latest post.

The PS5 is region free for games

In great news for everyone who loves an epic game deal, the PS5 will be region free. This means, like with the PS4, you can grab game discs from anywhere around the globe and they’ll run on the console. If you’re on the digital edition you won’t have the same privilege, but you will be able to nab some cheap imports from eBay or Amazon if you’re on a $749 PS5.

The PS5 plays 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, standard Blu-ray discs, and DVDs — but Sony’s recent blog didn’t state whether this region-free status extended to discs. The PS4 was region 4-locked for non-gaming content in Australia, so for now we can expect this to carry over to the new console.

Unfortunately, you also won’t be able to play your 3D Blu-ray movies on PS5.

PS Move controllers will work on PS5

PS Move controllers were first introduced for the PlayStation 3, and they look set to survive another gaming era. While you will need to request a PlayStation camera adaptor and own an original PlayStation 4 camera to use them, the PS Move controllers will be compatible with all existing PS Move-compatible PS4 games played on PS5.

The PS VR Aim controller (and VR headset) will also be supported via this adaptor.

The PS5 will leverage Game Boost for better-looking PS4 games

ps4 ps5 game boost how it works
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Game Boost is a feature we’ve talked about before, but Sony made clear how it would work in its recent blog post. This feature is exclusive to PS4 games running on PS5 and offers “unlocked framerates or dynamic resolution up to 4K” with some games being upgraded to a higher visual fidelity because of these changes.

Game Boost is on automatically and also includes pre-existing PS4 Pro enhancements like improved graphics, resolution and performance.

You can run PS4 games off an external USB drive, but not PS5 games

In the blog post, Sony stated you could install PS4 games on an external USB and plug it in for immediate play. To achieve this, it recommends a SuperSpeed 3.0 USB with exFAT formatting and between 250GB and 7TB storage capacity. Not all USB hubs will work with PS5, and only one USB can be connected at a time.

Where it gets complicated is PS5 games. Currently, PS5 games can’t be installed on anything other than the internal PS5 SSD. “Explorations” are currently underway to “to store (but not play) PS5 games”, but for now you can only install PS4 games externally.

PS4 and PS5 games are crossplay

fortnite crossplay ps4 ps5
Screenshot: Epic / Kotaku

If you’re playing on a PS5, you’ll be able to connect with friends playing on PS4 depending on developer preference. It means if you’re playing the next gen version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and a mate is on the PS4 version, you’ll still be able to connect with each other in-game and chat via the crossgen PlayStation ‘Parties’ app. You’ll also be able to send or receive invites from either console.

PS Now is coming to PS5, but still not in Australia

Good news: the PS5 will be compatible with streaming service PS Now. Bad news: it still won’t be available in Australia.

Check in next month for another game of “will Australia get PS Now anytime soon?”

The PS5 is definitely not compatible with PlayStation 1-3 games

If you were hoping for some kind of PlayStation backward compatibility surprise, consider your hopes and dreams effectively dashed. The PlayStation blog made a clear point to say no PlayStation, PS2 or PS3 games would be compatible with PS5 outside titles available on PS Now (which Aussies still can’t play, if you needed a reminder).

You can view the entire blog post here, or stay tuned to Kotaku Australia for all the latest news and updates.


  • “Unfortunately, you also won’t be able to play your 3D Blu-ray movies on PS5.”

    All 3 remaining owners of a 3D tv and blu-rays who actually want to use them will be devastated I’m sure.

    • I’m always surprised by how many new 3D Blu-Ray movies come out at JB Hifi each month. My old Plasma TV with 3D was a lot of fun with the compatible games, but it burned with the heat of a thousand suns, and when it died they were no longer making 3D TVs.

    • Haha I almost put a snarky comment in, but I didn’t want to be mean. There must be at least one person out there still clutching their 3D blu-rays, right?

    • I actually loved playing AC III in 3D and I’m kinda annoyed that it didn’t take off in the gaming sphere.
      Couldn’t care less about movies though.

    • Touché! Personally I actually quite enjoyed watching Final Destination 5 and Gravity in 3D using the PSVR. I get that 3D is an incredibly tiny market especially given none of the new TVs can do it, but I really can’t understand how a previously developed feature can so neatly and easily be thrown out. Oh right, I guess exactly for those reasons *shrug*

      • I was working at Harvey Norman right in the peak of the craze, right after Avatar came out, and the customer reaction to it was incredibly luke-warm. Very few and far between customers gave the slightest fk about 3D as a feature.

      • While support is simply a matter of software, there’s probably a collection of patents related to 3D Bluray playback, and scanning out a 3D frame buffer over HDMI.

        It’s probably not worth the money to pay a per-console royalty on a feature hardly anyone will use, and is no longer going to help sell Sony TVs.

  • If it turns out the PS5 is indeed region-free for blurays, I will be extremely freaking happy. I’m sick of mandman and their lackluster localized releases for anime.

  • So … no one is going to ask the question… why did it take Sony so long to put out this information? There.. I did it. Now can Sony also tell us if they plan to release a higher capacity PS5 within the next 6 months… coz if they are, I’m going to lose my shirt (just without the ‘r’).

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