PS5 Demon’s Souls Player Almost Glitches His Way Past Mysterious Door

PS5 Demon’s Souls Player Almost Glitches His Way Past Mysterious Door

Over the weekend, Demon’s Souls players discovered a secret door in the PlayStation 5 remake that wasn’t in the original game. Abusing photo mode revealed that there’s an item beyond this door, but no one’s figured out how to open it yet. A speedrunner named Distortion2, however, very nearly reached this new area, only to find himself impeded by the developers.

By utilising the way Demon’s Souls loads its levels, Distortion found a buggy way to climb walls and get super-close to entering the small courtyard behind the secret door. The only problem is that the developers were careful to enclose the area in invisible walls, leaving the item tantalizingly out of reach for the time being.

Since learning of the secret door’s existence, Demon’s Souls players have banded together to solve the mystery. They’ve tried everything, from wearing full sets of various armours to trigger something behind the scenes to hitting the door with every weapon in the game. Some players have even gone so far as to use 79 of the game’s new Gold Coin consumables in front of the door, a reference to a similar Easter egg in Bluepoint’s Shadows of the Colossus remake, but to no avail.

The newest theory for unlocking the secret door revolves around a pair of Bluepoint tweets. Earlier today, the developers teased players with a photo of the item behind the door emblazoned with a “Wish you were here!” graphic. While the image is an obvious ploy to keep players engaged, the body of the tweet itself seemingly points back to a cryptic Bluepoint post from last Halloween. Some think that year-old tweet may hold a clue of some kind, but the hunt continues.

In any case, I’m glad Distortion2’s gambit didn’t work. I’d love to know what’s behind the door right this second, but it would have been a little underwhelming for the secret to be uncovered in such a bruteforce kind of way. The Souls community is nothing if not dedicated, so unless unlocking the door is tied to some sort of developer update or patch, I’m sure we’ll have an answer soon enough.

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