Someone Resold A PS5 On Ebay Australia For $50,100

Someone Resold A PS5 On Ebay Australia For $50,100
Image: Sony

Lots of Australians were able to get a PS5 yesterday, but many more were not. And with any piece of consumer tech that’s super popular, there are always going to be scalpers — and sadly, there will also be those who simply cannot miss out.

As people started finally picking up their PS5 next-gen consoles for the first time, user marketplaces and auction sites in Australia got a glut of new listings for the new console. But it’s one thing to list a console for double its RRP — it’s another for people to actually pay it.

ps5 ebay
Image: eBay

This is pretty bad especially when you consider there are barely any next-gen games. The console’s not worth this much! But there are understandably people who feel like they don’t have any other option, parents who just want to make their kids happy, and for them the extra premium is, somehow, justifiable.

But then you get into some of the other listings that have sold and … things are just getting way out of hand.

ps5 ebay
Image: eBay

That’s ridiculous. This is a console that cost $749 at retail. But then you have instances where people are bidding literally thousands of dollars.

And it’s not as if the listing prices (although there are plenty of scalpers doing that) started out that badly. Multiple PS5 listings that I’ve reviewed this morning all started with relatively low list prices: $900, $850 or even $800. Still more expensive than the console, but certainly not in the realms of $2000, $2500, $5000, or this one that was bought for $15,100 on Wednesday.

But then there’s the worst one of the lot: a console that sold on eBay for $50,100. The seller’s account is still active on eBay too.

Someone Resold A PS5 On Ebay Australia For $50,100
Image: eBay
Someone Resold A PS5 On Ebay Australia For $50,100

The highest listings on eBay Australia at the time of writing are all from September, when the first wave of PS5 pre orders began. Not all of the crazy $20,000 listings ended up selling — some were relisted, while others simply ended. But there are other listings that, while not in the $50,000 territory, are definitely way, way too much to be paying for a goddamn PlayStation.

ps5 ebay

(As a note, if you’re looking at the bid amounts and timings and it seems completely wild, you’re not alone. eBay bidding is a world unto its own, and the platform has its own challenges with bots and automated proxy bids. Our sister site Gizmodo posted a great report into scalper bots when the RTX 3080 was impossible to buy, and you should definitely check that out.)

As I mentioned yesterday, if this seems completely crazy to you, the reality is we’re going to see a lot more of it. The rise and attention of scalper bots and cooking groups has been on the periphery of consumer tech for years. And because, sadly, people are actually forking out absurd amounts of money to get around a lack of supply, it’s going to become a part of life any time a new piece of hardware drops.

You know how we’ve repeatedly pointed out that pre-ordering video games is a bad deal for consumers? Well, you might have to get used to the idea of hardware being a bad deal too. Until companies work out a smarter solution on the supply front — or start deploying machine learning and other neural networks to properly do something about these automated bots — we’re only going to see more of this.


  • Hopefully it’s insane bids from folks who have no intention of paying so the scalpers don’t end moving the unit and end up having to sell for a loss once stock improves.

  • It’s a bid bot. Some clever dude wrote a bot recently that fools ebay into thinking they are real bids, and then bids against itself for a while.

    The idea being it makes the price so high no real person would bid, and includes soo many fake accounts and bids that the seller wastes hours trying to find a real bidder back down the chain.

  • Online retailers need to get with times. I realise they are shifting stock either way but they are leaving behind a lot of pissed off customers. I’ll be giving my $749 (eventually sigh) to a random small retailer purely because all the big names wasted so much of my time.

  • These kinds of transactions are typically just money laundering by criminal gangs. You see this all the time on the Amazon used book market as well.

    Some ‘random’ guy buys your vastly overpriced but somewhat plausibly rare whatever and, poof, suddenly all that drug money is just a nice little ebay business, with receipts and all.

    The item won’t even be posted to the ‘successful bidder’, not least because the item never actually existing in the first place.

  • I’ve made an alt ebay account and already gotten a few interesting messages from scalpers for refusing to pay said bids 🙂

    On a side note, sony have hinted that they won’t have serious supply issues previously. I hope they just have a sudden boom in stock around or after christmas so scalpers are forced to sell cheap. Heck I wouldn’t even buy one off them if they sold it at half price if that were to happen (partly also because I wouldn’t trust if they’ve messed with it).

    • It would be good for all involved if they can have abundant stock available pre-xmas. I’m sure that’s the goal and the Sony factory line in Japan is pretty amazing.

  • It would also help having in-store only orders by then hopefully. It’s too easy for scalpers to order multiple units across multiple stores/accounts…etc

  • $50,100 for a PS5 on Ebay?!
    Oh fuck off with that friggin price paying $50,000 or even $20,000 for a PS5 on Ebay is downright fucked up.
    Two words get fucked with that stupid price tag and fucking drop it for fuck’s sake.

  • Oh now you miss me as well Alex Walker seeing that the price for the PS5 is downright ridiculous?
    Alex get out of here I have no time for this chit-chat!

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