Everything Available On Day One Of The PS5’s Release

Everything Available On Day One Of The PS5’s Release
Image: Insomniac Games
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The long awaited release of the Playstation 5 is just around the corner. Pre-orders for the PS5 console have been exhausted pretty much everywhere, and some shipping delays expected by a few suppliers, it isn’t the only thing launching on the day. You’ll also be able to pick up some new games and accessories alongside it.

So what will be available when the PS5 launches on November 12?

Launch Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Screenshot: Insomniac Games)

I’m no fortune teller, but I can imagine that a lot of people who are getting a PS5 on release day will also be picking up this game. A sequel to 2018’s amazing  Spider-Man game, you’re once again in the web-slinger’s suit – sort of. This time around you play as Miles Morales, instead of Peter Parker. If it’s even as half as good as its predecessor, this could easily be the PS5’s strongest launch title.

There’s also the Ultimate Edition, which also includes the remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man, along with the three DLC chapters of “The City That Never Sleeps”. If you haven’t played the original Spider-Man game yet, this edition is absolutely worth the extra money.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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The latest instalment of the action-adventure series, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla drops you into the 9th Century during the Viking Age. You play as Eivor, a Viking warrior who is tasked with bringing their clan glory and riches by raiding and conquering the strange new lands of Anglo-Saxon England.

Demon’s Souls

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Is this possibly the most anticipated game of the PS5 launch? A remake of the title that unleashed the Souls series’ brutality onto the world back in 2009, what we’ve seen so far of Demon’s Souls looks fantastic. This remake has been handled by Bluepoint Games, who were responsible for the great Shadow of the Colossus remake from 2018. Here’s hoping they bring the same degree of excellence to Demon’s Souls.


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Most of the PS5 launch titles here are either part of long running series, direct sequels or ports from the previous generation of consoles, so for the most part, you kind of know what you’re getting with them before you put the disc in. Godfall is different because it’s a totally new franchise. It’s an action RPG set in a high fantasy realm. I get some strong “Destiny but with more swords and magicvibes from what I’ve seen of it so far (take that comment as you will).

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

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Is LittleBigPlanet one of the most underrated game franchises of all time? Despite lacking the series title, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is the newest LittleBigPlanet game and, judging by what we’ve seen so far, looks to be a fairly solid platformer. The flow of action looks smooth and the environments have enough personality going on.


Everything Available On Day One Of The PS5’s Release

Released earlier this year on the previous generation of consoles, Maneater is a game that dared to ask: “What if a shark decided to destroy mankind?” Set in open world environments, you play a shark hellbent on taking revenge on all humans, after a fisherman killed your mother when you were a pup. Maneater is absolutely ridiculous and over-the-top, but you’ll have a great time playing it all day.

NBA 2K21

Everything Available On Day One Of The PS5’s Release

Do we even have to sell you on NBA 2K21? If ball is life, then you’ve already pre-ordered this. As with every iteration of EA’s long running basketball sim, the game’s graphics and gameplay have been tightened up and improved.

There’s also the Mamba Forever Edition, which includes *takes a deep breath* 100,000 Virtual Currency, 10,000 MyTEAM Points, 10 MyTEAM Tokens, 60 MyCAREER Skill Boosts, 30 Gatorade Boosts, 40 MyTEAM Promo Packs (10 at launch, then 3 per week), Sapphire Damian Lillard and Zion Williamson MyTEAM cards, MyPLAYER Shoe Collection, MyPLAYER 72 HR 2X REP Boost, MyPLAYER backpack and ball, and the Kobe Bryant Digital Collection.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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Okay, so this won’t be released during launch day, but it will be available the day after on November 13. As its name suggests, this instalment of Call of Duty: Black Ops is set during the Cold War period of the 1980s. You play as a CIA soldier who is tasked with taking down a Soviet spy who plans on upsetting the power balance of the United States and USSR.

Launch Accessories

A close-up look at the DualSense. (Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)
A close-up look at the DualSense. (Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The PS5 is set to come with a single DualSense wireless controller, which will be enough for some. But for those living in a house where multiple people, you’re probably going to want to pick up another controller. You can also pick up the PS5’s media remote, which will let you control and navigate through your PS5, if that’s something essential to your experience.

Unfortunately, some of the other PS5 accessories have been delayed. If you’re hanging out for the Pulse 3D wireless headphones, HD camera and controller charging stations, they won’t be available until December 3, 2020.


  • Picking up the Ps5 media remote. I can’t tell you the number of times I have dropped my PS4 controller whilst watching Netflix or a Bluray movie. Probably every day for the last 5 years.
    Demon’s Souls is the only day one purchase for me.

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