How To Transfer Your Saved Games To PS5 and Xbox Series X

How To Transfer Your Saved Games To PS5 and Xbox Series X

You’re probably chomping at the bit for upgrade your old console for either the upcoming PS5 of Xbox Series X, but worried that you won’t be able to transfer your saved files over to your new console. Never fear! Here’s the best way to transfer your PS4 and Xbox saves to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Transfer from PS4 to PS5

How To Transfer Your Saved Games To PS5 and Xbox Series X
Image: Sony

PS5 will allow for transfer the saved files from the compatible games to your new console. Through a new blog post, Sony has detailed a multitude of ways in which you can transfer your saved file from your PS4 to the new console.

The first method relies on a LAN connection or external USB storage which allows for a more seamless transfer for those of you who are unlucky enough to have a slow connection.

For PS Plus members, you will have the option to also transfer your saved game files through your cloud storage. To download saved games from the cloud, can head head to Settings > Application Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage and then select Download to System Storage. You can pick the game and file to download from your cloud storage, and those files can then be copied onto your PS5 (either through an external USB drive or a LAN connection). You can then upload your saved data from your console to the cloud, ensuring easy access.

If you find trouble, just know that support for transferring your progress is on a game-by-game basis, and not a system wide feature.

Transfer from Xbox One to Xbox Series X

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Image: Microsoft Xbox Series S/X

Xbox Series X will allow users to easily access their saved game files from previous consoles super easily. A message from the Microsoft team introduced Smart Delivery, which will allows users to easily transfer their saved files from Xbox Series X compatible games with the click of their fingers.

This also works out well for the players, as anyone who purchases and Xbox One version of a game will get the Xbox Series S/X version for free, making transfers between generations a cinch. Any and all progress from your current Xbox One games will follow you to the next-generation, although like the PS5, individual developers have to decide whether they’ll support the Smart Delivery feature.

If you don’t have access to an internet connection or you want to use an external drive for faster speeds, then you can do that. Simply plug a USB 3.0 external drive with at least 256GB storage into the Xbox’s USB port, and navigate to System, then Storage. From here you can format the drive if it’s not compatible — but the Xbox One (and Series S/X) will read any NTFS-capable USB drive.

Once that’s taken care of, you’ll want to head to System, Storage. Here, select the “Internal” storage drive on the right hand side of the screen and press A. A small drop-down box will appear: select Transfer.

From here you’ll see all the games and apps currently installed on that drive. You can select individual titles, everything at once or a group of games/apps. Pick what you want and then press “Copy Selected” (or “Move Selected”). It’ll come up with a large prompt warning you that you’re about to copy titles to the external drive, and it’ll let you know how much space is remaining on the drive.

After that’s done, you can disconnect the drive and then plug it into your Xbox Series S/X. Repeat the same process, but this time head to the external storage drive first, hit Transfer, and then copy or move games from your external drive to your Xbox Series S/X’s internal hard drive.

A short video outlining the process on the previous Xbox generation can be seen below. The UI is the same now across the current and next-gen consoles, so you can follow all the same steps.

Come November, if you do decide that it’s time to update your console and give either PS5 or the Xbox Series X a shot, you can rest assured knowing that your saved files can make the jump with you.

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    • It’s not ideal but dumb is a bit much considering the reality of cloud services.

      Don’t get me wrong, it would have been nice to see some investment in cloud based services but it’s not exactly a smart move in the grand scheme.

  • You don’t really explain how transfers work on Xbox though, I’m assuming it’s basically like a streamlined kind of cloud save like feature where your save is uploaded and downloaded between consoles in a back and forth motion.
    Also, for those who aren’t going to go back and forth, is there just a traditional full transfer via LAN?

    • As I understand it, you just play a game on the console that you want. As long as your logged in on the same xbox account it syncs automatically. You literally don’t have to do anything

      • The post mentions downloading at the click of a button so it appears there’s some level of choice and separation involved.

        It doesn’t help the link is from a Xbox blog post from June which feels like a ham fisted attempt at parity for some odd reason.

        • yeah it does say that above but, and i could be mistaken, the entire idea of xboxs smart delivery is that you buy a game and it doesn’t matter what console you put it in. Put it in the xbox one and it installs that version. Put it in the series X and it downloads the upgraded version. Saves are also interchangeable as part of the smart delivery.

    • automatically uploads to the cloud. sign in with the same profile and start playing on the same account and it’ll continue the cloud save. pretty great

      • That’s how cloud saves work between current Xbox’s isn’t it?
        I’m talking about the transfer between current and next gen which judging by the old blog post seems to reference a manual download via request using smart save and doesn’t really mention anything about it being automatic (which I’m assuming is an option)

  • This article makes me realise what i am taking for granted on the Xbox, i hadn’t even considered save transfers, i just imagine they will come over from my cloud saves automatically without thought like they do when i jump between consoles at home.

    I guess i will cross the Playstation sells cloud saves and only a limited amount of them no matter how many games you buy bridge when i buy the PS5

    • 100%
      its weird reading that cloud saves aren’t free on PlayStation. Ive haven’t even thought about my saved files on xbox for years

      • The weird thing for me is because the PS+ membership is a permanent thing for me, I never even realized there were people who might have to pay something they weren’t already paying to access the cloud saves.

        Whether it’s PS+ or gamepass, the online subscriptions for both platforms have always been pretty much mandatory annual purchases for me.

        • Yeah that’s where most people find themselves, they were already long time subscribers to PS+ so it was just an additional feature on top of an existing service.

          I’m in a whole other group of folks who don’t even use the cloud saves to begin with.
          I think there was a time when I swapped from the PS4 to the Pro where some of my saves automatically uploaded after the transfer switched it to auto but other than that it’s I’ve never had the need.
          In hindsight it’s something I should’ve considered for the games like GTAO and other big games I’ve played over long periods but I’ve been pretty lucky to not have any catastrophic failures this gen.

          Ah well, next gen lol

          • Oh yeah, that reminded me… When I switched from a PS4 to a PS4 Pro, the cloud saves for the games I installed just downloaded automatically as part of the game install/update process. I didn’t even have to think about it.

            I’m really hoping the PS5 does the same thing.

        • I guess that’s like the Nintendo cloud saves. Just need to be a member and they are included. Though, they’ve only had cloud saves for a year or so hahaha

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