Rockstar Teases GTA Online Expansion That Will Add To Game’s Map

Rockstar Teases GTA Online Expansion That Will Add To Game’s Map
Screenshot: Rockstar Games

Today, Rockstar Games revealed the first look at a new map expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online. This will be the first major map expansion for GTA Online since the game was first released in 2013.

In a short video teaser, Rockstar showcased new locations that aren’t currently in GTA Online and which appear to be located on a yet-t0-be-added island. The video makes multiple references to El Rubio, which could be the name of the expansion island.

Also seen briefly in this teaser is what appears to be a full look at the new map, as captured and shared by GTA Series Videos.

This new map expansion was first teased by Rockstar back in July, with the company saying the “biggest ever update for GTA Online” was coming later this year. Since then, Rockstar has been pretty quiet about what that update would include, but it seems a new map expansion is coming. This is something that had been rumoured for some time now.


  • can they stop wasting time and focus on a gta6 already? never had any interest in gta online. gta5 is 7 years old now.

    • Give it time, GTA 6 is still most likely in early(ish) development.

      Red Dead Redemption 2 went into full production after the initial release of GTA V back in 2013 and was a full company effort with a few smaller teams focusing on various things like GTA:O, ports etc…

      So it’s most likely that GTA 6 went into full production after the release of RDR2 and are now only 2 years into development, we might get something next year or most likely 2022,

    • Basically what Luke said. You’d be silly to assume they aren’t going full Steam ahead on GTA6. This expansion is just to make sure the money keeps flowing via Shark cards.

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