Samsung’s 970 EVO SSD Is Going For A Solid Price, Yet Again

Samsung’s 970 EVO SSD Is Going For A Solid Price, Yet Again
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Upgrading your PC can be a bit of a waiting game sometimes. There’s always that one part that you’re deadset on having, but you can’t validate buying because the price tag is a bit out of your budget. If you’ve been waiting for a SSD deal to roll around, now is the time for you to strike. Amazon are currently running a decent bargain on Samsung’s 970 NVMe 500GB and 1TB drives.

The 500GB makes for a perfect Steam/game install drive at $127.22, which is about $35 cheaper than what most major Australian retailers are charging right now. If your budget can stretch a little further, the 1TB drive is going for $231.91, which is around $50 less than most of the big Aussie PC stores. The 1TB is a great size for editing video files or storing a ton of games with large install sizes, like Modern Warfare.

The 970 EVO‘s 3.5GB/2.5GB read and write speeds are enough to handle any game you’ll play on PC, not to mention any Adobe suite or 3D rendering work you might do.

Chances are your PC has an unused M.2 slot, so you might as well upgrade it with a drive that is, generally, four or five times faster than a regular SSD. Apart from absolutely smashing any loading screens into the dirt, having some beefy NVMe drives will set you in good stead when the next generation of games start to drop. Anything made for the PS5 and Xbox One will be built with SSDs in mind, and while PCs don’t have drives as fast as the PS5’s custom controller, the current crop of NVMe drives get pretty damn close.

It is an US import, so you’ll be waiting almost a month for the 970 EVO to arrive, but, with the efficiency and reliability you’ll be getting, it’s well worth the wait.

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Samsung 970 EVO SSD 500GB

Samsung 970 EVO SSD 1TB


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