How to Get Your PSVR Headset Working on PS5

How to Get Your PSVR Headset Working on PS5

The next generation of console gaming is here and the good news for PSVR owners is you won’t be left behind. The PS5 includes support for all last generation PSVR accessories including the PlayStation Camera, Move controllers and PSVR headset. All your games will also transfer over so if you’ve got an old Blood & Truth or Iron Man VR save you’ve been meaning to get back to, you’re in luck. Here’s how to get PSVR working on your PS5.

First, you’ll need a PlayStation Camera adaptor for the PS5.

These don’t appear to be on sale just yet, but you can request a free one directly from Sony here. All you’ll need to do is enter your postal details, input the serial number of your PSVR unit (found on the back of the unit) and send in your request. You may not hear back for several weeks, but eventually Sony will send out your adaptor. Without it, you won’t be able to hook up your PSVR system because the newer PlayStation 5 HD Camera is not compatible with PSVR.

If you haven’t received your adaptor within a few weeks, it’s best to contact Sony’s support line and check on its status. The team is currently filtering through thousands of messages, so it’s likely you’ll have to wait a while before you get your adaptor.

After you receive it, it’s a simple matter of hooking up the PSVR unit as you would with the PS4 — looping in the HDMI cable, camera and headset via the boxed instructions. (Pay attention to the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ labels on each HDMI input if you’re struggling.)

The only major difference is you’ll need to use the adaptor to hook up your camera to the PS5.

In a recent blog post, Sony recommended the use of original PlayStation 4 DualShock or PlayStation Move controllers for the best PSVR experience on PS5. While PS5 controllers technically do work with PSVR, they lack the special motion sensing controls needed for some PSVR games, rendering them incompatible. So as long as you hold onto all your original PSVR accessories and PlayStation 4 controls, playing VR on PS5 should be a breeze.

If you haven’t tried out PSVR before, you can feel safe forking out the funds for an older PlayStation 4 unit. With no existing plans for a PS5-exclusive VR system, it looks like support for the original model will continue long into the future.

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