They Brought Back The Loot Cave, But Not The Loot

They Brought Back The Loot Cave, But Not The Loot
Hello darkness my old friend... (Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku )
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Destiny’s prodigal cave has returned and it comes bearing, well, not much.

Back in 2014 when Destiny 1 first launched, the loot cave was all folks could talk about. Bungie invested years and millions into making a vast shared world scifi game and all anybody wanted to do was aim their gun into a dark cavern where enemies continuously spawned and pull the trigger for hours on end. (One Bungie developer pointed out at a Game Developers Conference the following year that the loot cave wasn’t even a very efficient way to grind for loot).

Now it’s back. Bungie added large parts of the Cosmodrome to Destiny 2 as part of today’s Beyond Light expansion and the loot cave along with them, minus the loot. Instead all that’s inside are the charred remains of fallen Hive that Bungie originally placed there after it nerfed the loot cave the first time around. Disturb them and you’ll once again hear an otherworldly voice hiss, “A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool.”

Though the original easter egg remains intact, it’s not quite what some players were hoping for. “The loot cave in Skywatch from D1 better be an epic Lost Sector,” wrote one player on the game’s subreddit. “Or a dungeon or something just a little throwback for nostalgic purposes. Maybe just have a chest that drops green engrams.”

How about an invisible chest that drops invisible engrams instead?

Everyone’s Obsessed With Destiny’s Loot Cave

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  • Not an effective way of farming loot my arse, it was the perfect spot for boosting your gear and gear level in those early days.

    Bungie has always acted like it wasn’t a big deal, how it wasn’t effective, how it was somewhat intentional, how they always knew about it and how they didn’t care about it but everybody knows that tiny enemy spawn point tore away the fancy facade of the game and revealed the dodgy maths beneath.

    • This. At that exact point in time, we were discovering that all kills had equal chance to drop an upgrade. There was nowhere you could reliably turn to for better odds on an upgrade outside of some incredibly limited, time-gated activities. It was literally, “Pull the fucking slot-machine lever with every kill.”

      And so kill we did. As efficiently as possible.

      That is literally the worst possible loot design (and a big part of why Anthem’s was so shit, as they mirrored it closely).

  • its little decisions like this that makes me wonder about Bungie and I say that as a huge fan. The skies the limit what they could have done with this place, both to troll or reward. Yet nothing. Weird.

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