This Week In Games: It’s Shadowlands Time

This Week In Games: It’s Shadowlands Time
Image: Blizzard

We’re not too far off from a couple of big December weeks. Cyberpunk is just around the corner, but until then, this week is going to be dominated by World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Beyond Shadowlands, there’s a ton of indies and a few re-releases. Watch Dogs: Legion‘s PS5 version officially hits retail in Australia this week, but you can play the PS5 version with the PS4 disc so … maybe just buy that instead.

Football Manager 2021 hits all platforms this week, and there’s the re-release of Overcooked for next-gen consoles too. If you’re after an arcade cabinet, Arcade1UP’s offerings are finally in the country, and there’s a real neat Counter-Strike crossed with XCOM tactics game called RAM Pressure that looks cool. Picross S5 also comes to the Aussie eShop this week, so don’t miss that.

Beyond that, it’s a bit of a quiet one. Here’s the leaderboard:

Image: RAM Pressure
  • World of Warcraft: Shadowlands | PC, Mac
  • Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues | Switch
  • 2Urvive | Switch
  • Tracks: Toybox Edition | Switch
  • The Alto Collection | Switch
  • My Aunt is a Witch | Switch, Xbox
  • RAM Pressure | PC
  • XIII Limited Edition | PS4 (Physical)
  • Watch Dogs: Legion | PS5 (Physical)
  • Out of Space: Couch Edition | Xbox, Switch
  • Strike Force 2 – Terrorist Hunt | Xbox, Switch
  • Towaga: Among Shadows | Xbox
  • Sky Haven | PC
  • Football Manager 2021 | PC
  • HIVESWAP: Act 2 | PC
  • Nordlicht | Switch
  • Picklock | Switch
  • Picross S5 | Switch
  • In Celebration of Violence | Switch
  • More Dark | Switch
  • Ponpu | Switch
  • Electro Ride | Switch

Onto the trailers! We’ll start by reminding everyone how nice the Alto games are.

Some cool indies in the mix there. RAM Pressure looks like one of those games that a ton of people would enjoy (but will probably miss because of timing/not enough hours in the day). Picross S5 … it’s a Picross game. They’re excellent and you either already know that, or you get nauseous thinking about spending time with those kinds of puzzlers.

Football Manager 2021 will quietly make OZ Lotto-sized trucks of money without anyone really noticing, again, and Shadowlands should be pretty interesting. I’ve heard good things already, although I have no idea how you’d deal with the game if you haven’t played in, say, a few years. The new character absolutely slaps, though.

So that’s This Week In Games. Decent little list. See anything you like, spending time with Shadowlands, or are you still working through the last few weeks’ of big releases — or taking a break until Cyberpunk drops?


    Preordered and counting the days! (Four. It is four days. Also while looking at countdown timers, it is 16.5’ish days to Cyberpunk.)

    Picklock and RAM Pressure seem like some surprise gems for the week.

    Also, one not mentioned that looks interesting is Destropolis. Seems like a fun $5 (if preordered, $9 otherwise) diversion. Twin-stick horde wave bullet hell asteroid-like? Local co-op I wonder if it means couch co-op…

    That video for My Aunt is a Witch was a good warning, too. 55 min video which I watched at double speed and saw zero interactions with the game beyond ‘next’. Bloody hell. I know the genre is visual ‘novel’ but I thought there was an implied degree of interactivity.

    • My favourite VN for creativity in interactivity would be Steins;Gate where answering your mobile phone (or not) and sending replies (or not) alters the storyline. It being done with a mobile phone interface rather than selecting choices adds to it.

      Then you have Saya no Uta, which only has a couple (like two or three) decision points, yet is an impactful piece of text. But as you point out the genre is visual novel.

      Those with no interactivity at all tend to be called ‘sound novel’ iirc where there is no choice and you’re just reading.

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