Videos Appear Of New Xboxes Blowing Smoke, Others Cry Hoax

Videos Appear Of New Xboxes Blowing Smoke, Others Cry Hoax
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Viral videos are circulating on Twitter showing the newly-released Xbox Series X seeming to billow smoke. While this would certainly be cause for concern, others have pointed out possible causes besides the console burning up, and Spanish Twitter news account Xbox Studio demonstrated how easy the effect is to recreate using an ordinary household vape. You know, like every household has.

It started with a tweet from one Arek Adamowicz, tagging Xbox Poland for help with their Xbox Series X. According to a Google translation of the tweet, the system was in use for only a minute or two, still in menus, when a pillar of smoke appeared. The tweet was accompanied by a brief video of what looks like a new console owner’s nightmare.

Adamowicz’s video isn’t the only smoking Xbox Series X making the rounds. Another, posted to Twitter by Nick Blanco, shows a much less dramatic display of smoke.

While Adamowicz says the video is “not a joke,” Twitter users have been pointing out indications that it could be faked. Some note that no smoke is coming out of the bottom of the system. Others note that the way the “smoke” dissipates indicates that we’re looking at water vapour from a vaping device instead of cooked internal components. It’s certainly a very clean smoke.

I’m not saying these videos are fake or real, but as the Xbox Studio Twitter account demonstrated, the effect is pretty easy to reproduce. After the Xbox Series X powers down, the fan is still spinning, pulling air from the bottom and passing it through to the top, dissipating heat. When he blows thick clouds from his vape, they’re sucked through, creating the dramatic effect.

You probably don’t want to try this at home. Vapour is still water, and blowing water through your electronics is a bad idea, even if they are powered down. I attempted to recreate the effect using a thin stick of incense, which did not produce much “smoke” but did make my living room smell like lavender.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your new Xbox Series X becoming a smokestack, at least not without help. Should your new hardware actually begin melting from the inside, that’s definitely going to be a warranty issue.


  • Imagine how fucking wild it’d be if that was just how the thing worked in proper operation…

    Get your smokestack Series X today!

  • The videos are extremely short cuts, and even after the few seconds the smoke is clearly starting to dissipate a bit. The whole thing screams of setup.

  • Oh god, Sony fanboys never change lol after the first xbox came out and it was still quite common to rent games from blockbuster etc whenever id go to hire a game the particular blockbuster i used to go to would have a problem with people coming in quite regularly and moving all the Xbox covers randomly throughout the store. When i would ask the people that worked there they would sigh and say that it was a problem they had at a few of their stores. Fanboys are hilarious …… XBOX FOR LIFE !!! lol Although even though i received my series x 2 days ago and it is the most powerful console again this generation USA USA haha i have mad respect and more than a little jealousy for some PlayStation launch titles. Demon souls looks delicious and that car battle royale I forget the name looks really interesting. Either ways its a good time to be a gamer at no matter what your console. Just be a bit nicer this generation Pony boys and girls. It does look a little like a smoke stack hmmm

    • “Fanboys are hilarious …… XBOX FOR LIFE !!!”
      I just can’t tell if this is satire or not. This rant is either the cleverest thing I’ve read today or the stupidest.

    • Nothing else to do with it at the moment.

      I’m kidding, I’m sure folks are thoroughly enjoying their $500 Glade Defusers.

      Ok, I’m actually done now, can’t wait to hear news on Fable.

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