Welcome To The Goose Parade

Welcome To The Goose Parade

This week we talk about Bloodborne, visit the “Rose Garden”, look at some ugly teeth in Demon Souls, check out what’s new in Animal Crossing and watch a goose parade!

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Demon’s Souls On PS5 Has Some Truly Fucked Up Teeth Options

With both the PlayStation 5 and its marquee launch game Demon’s Souls launching today, you’re going to see a lot about the latter’s character creator. And for good reason! The robust customisation options give you the ability to make some very cool avatars for exploring Boletaria. The teeth, though. My...

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I’ll hold back any Watch Dogs Legion jokes…

Twitch Apologises, But DMCA Fiasco Continues With Punishments For In-Game Sounds, Deleted Clips

Twitch’s past three weeks have been bleak, to say the least. Late last month, the company abruptly purged thousands of streamers’ videos and advised them to delete all remaining clips in advance of a massive music industry DMCA crackdown — one it had known about for months, but failed to...

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Without a big sea change in how music and sound effect laws are handled, I see the future of streaming and online video only getting worse, especially as people find more success online.

This Is A Blog About Bloodborne

After the events of this weekend, I’m reminded of when I finally beat Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne. I remember being dead silent after delivering the final blow, worried that somehow he would rise again, fully healed and stronger, to resume the fight. I held my breath until “Prey Slaughtered” finally...

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A good blog about Bloodborne.


I’m at the Rose Garden. I’m at the Bobby’s Superstore. I’m at the combination Rose Garden and Bobby’s Superstore!

The future is a mess, but it has its moments.

Feels like the goose parade starts earlier and earlier each year! But I’m not complaining!!


Trailers and Videos From The Past Week

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