What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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With the first crop of next-gen consoles out of the way — for now — I’ve had a massive penchant to go back and explore the past.

Doing trips down memory lane was kind of a necessity for the new Xbox consoles. It’s partially because launch weeks are typically quiet (in terms of new games) but also because Microsoft’s heavy investment in backward compatibility features makes replaying older games a genuine point of difference.

And after dropping several billion, it’s hard not to want to check out Fallout again. Fallout 4 is one title that’s definitely worth comparing across both consoles, since my partner owns it and it’s a part of the PlayStation Plus collection. But there’s also Fallout: New Vegas and its litany of backward compatibility upgrades on the Xbox Series X. (Also, just seeing Fallout makes me want to bust out the board game with my partner — that is still one of the most fun board game experiences I’ve had in a long time.)

It holds up! And I’ve spoken before about needing to clear Fallout from my backlog, so I might spend a bit more time with that over the weekend. I’ve also got a few [REDACTED] things to work through; I’m gonna need an awful lot of coffee before this weekend is over.

But, it should be fun. There’s nothing quite like a console launch cycle. I wouldn’t mind spending more time with Ghostrunner either — that game has officially launched, and it low-key looks like one of the best games of the year. I loved the shit out of the demo, and I’ve seen nothing but high praise since. Don’t sleep on that one.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • I recently finally got around to playing The Last Spell demo on Steam, and am now regretting that I did this before a full launch was available. That’s a damn fun game and I can’t wait to go back to it.

    Probably going to continue hopping between Genshin Impact, WoW, Legion, and dabbling in three of my Humble monthly picks: Shadows Awakening, Iron Danger, Fae Tactics.

    Also reinstalled VtM Bloodlines, so that’s sitting there waiting in case I need to scratch the itch. An itch I gained thanks to playing the WoD visual novels (Coteries of New York, Heart of the Forest) over the last couple weeks and really digging returning to that franchise’s world.

    If the need for novelty gets too much, I might also try watching a lets play of recently-released Stirring Abyss. The store page gave me some reservations, but Lovecraftian XCOM-likes aren’t common enough to just pass without more investigation.

  • Was going to play Watch Dogs Legion… but my save file was corrupted in a game breaking and unrecoverable mess….
    (PC users backup you Ubisoft Launxher save game folder…why wasn’t the save files in the Users folder ffs). Not sure if I will start a new game or wait.

  • I’m going to be farting around in Warframe because I don’t want to start anything new before I get my PS5, picking it up between 7-8am Thursday whoooo!
    (Ended up grabbing Valhalla in the end)

    I managed to polish off one of the games in my back log this week though, finally went back to and completed the Last of Us 2.
    Was in a better headspace and enjoyed it a lot more that I did when I started it.

  • Waiting for PS5 and Demon’s Souls. Until then maybe some Hunt: Showdown with my brother and a bit of Star Wars: Squadrons. Nothing else for now.

  • Star Wars Jedi Outcast, I held off on buying it earlier, glad i did as i am having a blast.
    I usually try and explore everything myself then only look for hints for missing chests and secrets as I have FOMO and want to unlock everything.

    Also got back into Apex Legends as i havent played since season 2, won a game after only 3 rounds back in so should be enjoyable, not buying the season pass this year though as it looks grindy.

  • Sim Settlements 2 in Fallout 4
    Stardew Valley
    Watch Dogs Legion
    Anno 1800
    and try to clean up my hard drive before Assassins Creed Valhalla next week

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