The Shock Blue Xbox Series X Controller Is Available In Australia Again

The Shock Blue Xbox Series X Controller Is Available In Australia Again
Image: Xbox

If you liked the fancy new Shock Blue colour for the default Xbox Series X/S controllers — or you just wanted a flash new colour for your PC — then good news: more stock’s available in Australia.

Amazon has started sending out email notifications late Monday evening informing users — those who signed up to its wish list, anyway — that supply of the new Xbox Series X/S controllers, particularly the best looking one, are available locally again.

They’re going for $89 a piece, including the Shock Blue which usually retails for $94. It’s not the biggest saving, but that’s less of an issue than the fact that actually getting any has been fairly difficult. Stock of all things next-gen has been ridiculously limited, so it’s nice to be able to get a preorder in now and have it ship tomorrow.

If you’re after the White Xbox Series S/X controller, there’s a link for that here. The standard all black pad is available too, but honestly? You’re getting that with the console anyway. Treat yourself and get the shinier blue. (And as a note, if you still have the OG Xbox One controllers, all the new revisions have Bluetooth and wireless support, making life much easier if you want to use the controllers on PC or with your Android/iOS phones.)

And in case you were wondering whether the controllers were meaningfully better than their previous iterations: they are. Leah found the improved vibration and feedback made a noticeable difference in games like Forza and DiRT 5, and the battery life was improved too. I’ve had one at home for a while too, and honestly? I prefer the weight and balance of these to the Xbox Elite controllers (either generation). Big call, but the stock controllers are pretty damn good these days.


  • Oh ya serious another article about nonsense and no light brought to us unfortunate 100s of Aussies who are being shafted by Australian Microsoft team and none of us will actually receive our consoles that preordered minute after it went live on the 22nd – mate do you even have any sympathy or anything Alex Walker

    • I’ve pinged Microsoft again and forwarded a bunch of the screenshots and reports given to me, and asked them to reinvestigate. But it wouldn’t be proper to report on something like that without a statement from them, and that’s what I’m waiting on.

    • Really? I just logged in to a store right on 8am and ordered a Series X for collection on launch day. Picked it up on November 12 at 8.30am.
      Just lucky i guess.

  • I just picked this controller up for my Series X last night and it is awesome 🙂 .
    I can’t recommend it enough if you have the spare money. (I used store credit from a Trade in of a PS4 Pro. )
    The weight of the controller is perfect. I also have an Elite Series 2 but found this new one works better with Devil May Cry as i got more SSS level finishes than i did with Elite series 2 🙂

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