Here’s All The Xbox Series X Optimised Launch Games

Here’s All The Xbox Series X Optimised Launch Games
Image: Rogue Company
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The Xbox Series X and S are launching on November 1 with a bunch of new and optimised games available on the day of release. While we’ve previously covered what launch titles will be available, the optimised titles are equally important. These are cross-gen games given next gen upgrades to enhance loading times, graphics and overall performance.

If you’re purchasing physical copies, you may notice a funky little sticker on the box with the ‘Optimised for Xbox Series X’ logo. Otherwise, you’ll be reliant on game blurbs in the Microsoft Store or the information you can find online to figure out if your chosen game will look shiny and load lightning fast.

While the new Xbox consoles don’t have hearty launch lineups (largely due to the coronavirus pandemic and other development factors), there’ll still be plenty of enticing games to play when the console finally launches.

Here’s every Xbox Series X game that’ll be optimised with the console’s launch on November 10:

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Image: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

You can view the full list and more information via the Xbox news blog.

Games getting Xbox Series X optimisation post-launch

Even if a game isn’t optimised for the Xbox Series X at launch, updates could still arrive bump later in the year or in 2021. Currently, these games will get ‘optimised’ enhancements post-launch:

Stay tuned to Kotaku Australia for more news about these titles and upcoming Xbox Series X enhancements for older Xbox One titles. Like last generation, expect many of the most popular games from Xbox One to make the leap to next gen eventually.

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  • Control Ultimate Edition is Optimised too. Glad I held off playing this. Shame it’s not available as Smart Delivery for those who already own the PS4 or Xbox One versions.

  • I’m a PS5 pre-order owner, but pretty sure you are missing No Mans Sky from this list, as XSX is getting the next gen update.

  • Still confused by the whole ‘Pandemic causing delays’ thing. My work (a HUGE government agency) got people up and running at home in no time at all, and our productivity improved a bit – as well as a massive reduction in unplanned absences.

    I would expect a bit of business disruption in the first month or two, but guys – this thing has been going on all year. How shit is your management team and business model if you haven’t been able to adapt by now?

    Physical manufacturing I can understand, because it needs physical peeps. But software? It requires a dude at a computer. If there was ANY industry that should be able to adapt quickly, it would be this one.

    It’s a bit of a BS excuse at this point.

    • hit the nail right on the head with your honest in Australia everyone including government departments to and especially Aus Post are using this excuse for their poor services and in the case of Aus Post reduction in services.couldnt have said it any better than your words sir.have a lovely day

      • I work in supply chain and while Aust Post is often full of it (and could be at this time), with everyone at home, everyone was buying online and therefore the supply chain increase we saw was basically like a Christmas rush every week.. for 6 months.

        Also, I would assume software delays are due to people having to work remotely (so they might be set up easily) and therefore the transfer of ideas/data isn’t as easy as people working alongside people.

        • Spot on.

          Online purchasing has absolutely skyrocketed during the pandemic which has had an unprecedented knock on effect across all supply chains and while productivity has been increased in a lot of areas, it’s still reliant on how much can be exchanged, be it physical or digital.

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