Telstra’s Xbox Series S And Xbox Series X Plans Are Still Good Value

Telstra’s Xbox Series S And Xbox Series X Plans Are Still Good Value
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As part of Telstra’s exclusive partnership with Microsoft, the telco is now taking pre-orders for the Xbox Series and Xbox Series S as part of Xbox All Access. Telstra is almost certainly the last place that comes to mind when looking to preorder a new console, but Big T’s offers are surprisingly good value.

If you’ve not heard of Xbox All Access, it’s pretty simple. Instead of buying your console outright, you can bundle your new Xbox onto your existing Telstra mobile or broadband plan. As with a new phone, you’ll pay it off over 24 monthly instalments.

A Game Pass Ultimate subscription is also included as part of Xbox All Access.

An Xbox Series S will set you back $33 per month on Telstra, while an Xbox Series X is a little pricier at $46 per month. If you’re already paying for Game Pass Ultimate (or are interested in it), this makes Telstra’s Xbox All Access a solid deal. You can check out these plans here. A Game Pass Ultimate subscription would normally set you back $15.95 per month, which would cost you $382.20 over two years.

Your two-year commitment to Telstra would set you back $792 over the life of a plan for an Xbox Series S, or $1,104 for an Xbox Series X. This makes the effective price of an Xbox Series S $409.20 and the Xbox Series X $721.20. For comparison, the consoles’ outright prices are $499 and $749, respectively. You’re almost saving $90 on an Xbox Series S. While the discount on the Series X isn’t as big as on the S, you’ll still save about $30.

After your 24 months is up, you’ll just pay $15.95 per month – the cost of your Game Pass Ultimate subscription. And while you’re paying off your new Xbox off over 24 months, you can always leave early by paying out the remaining value of your console.

Telstra also has more stock of both Xbox consoles, and they’ve arrived earlier than expected. The telco has kicked off what they’re telling customers is “Wave 1.5”, which means their next wave of consoles after launch day will be going out from November 12 to November 20. For those in “Wave 2.0”, you’ll get your console from December 9 — just in time for Cyberpunk 2077.

There is one catch to be mindful of: if you subscribe to Xbox All Access through Telstra, you can’t just pause your Game Pass Ultimate subscription to save a bit of cash. You’ll need to pay the full $33 or $46 each month for as long as you’re paying off your Xbox.

And if you’re interested in getting Xbox All Access, just be aware that you have to be already have a Telstra postpaid mobile, tablet, mobile broadband, or broadband plan to pre-order an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X from Big T. You can’t pre-order a new Xbox if you’re on Telstra prepaid (or have a small business plan).

You can grab a Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X through Telstra here.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.


  • Haha, it is a fair deal and I was almost tempted to do it, but yeah… you need to have a Telstra post-paid service. Soooo nope. Interesting way to get customers, Telstra. This appears to be the only service like it, and it definitely had an appeal to me.

    It’d take me a hell of a lot of convincing to switch to Telstra, though. Much more than just a reasonable payment plan for a rounding error’s difference in saving on buying the console outright + the ultimate gamepass I already have.

      • Not that it matters to me. They’ll get more after launch.

        I’m less concerned about waiting til after launch for a xXBoxXx because I’m getting a PS5 on launch. It’d be a pretty big waste to have the MS box sitting in the corner as an expensive paperweight while I’m playing PS5 games.

        Eventually I’ll have both, just like with this gen, but the All Access – if it hadn’t been locked to having a Telstra service – would’ve accelerated my uptake a fair bit, just by virtue of affordability. It’s a good deal, and for folks who are unlucky enough to not having better carriers than Telstra for their services, it’s got to be an attractive option.

        As it is, I’ll just be saving up, as originally planned.

        • I was in the same boat til I remembered.. the in-laws have a Telstra mobile (the father in law used to travel a lot for business so insisted on Telstra). A quick phone call to them and it’s on its way soon.. Course it does mean I have to make a visit to my in-laws to pick it up, but hey.. it’s a lesser price to pay than having to be a Telstra customer haha..

  • Looks like they’ve been swamped. I put an order through the telescum app when they opened up, and was told I’d be notified soon… Ah well, pretty much as expected, but it was worth a try.

  • The other thing to note is all of these comparisons assume you are paying the monthly price for gamepass ultimate whereas you get a slight discount for buying gamepass in bigger chunks (12 months rrp is $180) so while it is still a good deal often you wont be saving quite as much as they make out.

  • And you know, their lowest plan is about $16 more expensive than there direct competitor so over two years you’d be paying way more once you account for that.
    Although if you were a Telstra customer it would be amazing proposition

  • Its a good deal only if you are an existing Telstra customer. As there is no way to get this on its own it’s not a good deal for the rest who aren’t Telstra customers.

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