Where To Get An Xbox Series X And Series S In Australia

Where To Get An Xbox Series X And Series S In Australia
An essential question you should ask yourself: do you really need the Xbox Series X or Series S?

The Xbox Series X and Series S launched mid-November, to the delight of everyone who was able to preorder them in Australia. For everyone else, the consoles are unfortunately in a strange state of limbo, with global distribution issues causing long-term stock shortages into 2021 and beyond.

The consoles are currently sold out at all physical stores, with new stock arriving at a nebulous future date. Here’s how the biggest Aussie retailers are faring with the Xbox Series X and Series S, and when you can expect new consoles to be available for preorder or purchase.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

Where You Can Buy A Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S In Australia


Telstra’s Xbox All Access program lets existing Telstra customers purchase an Xbox Series X or Series S bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee over a two-year period. It costs $46 per month to own an Xbox Series X and $33 a month to own an Xbox Series S.

Telstra is officially sold out of first wave Series X stock, but the Series S is in stock and available at Telstra stores or online. As a reminder: you will need to be a Telstra customer to take advantage of this deal. If you’re keen, you’re able to head in store to find out more.

The next wave of Xbox Series X is set to ship out for Xbox All Access subscribers in December 2020.

EB Games

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The Xbox Series X doesn’t appear to be in stock at EB Games at all, but you can now preorder the Xbox Series S for late 2020 shipment.

It’s likely preorders for the Series X will open up again in future, but for now you won’t be able to grab the console with EB Games.

JB Hi-Fi

Neither the Xbox Series X or Series S are available for order at JB Hi-Fi. Given their sold out last wave was scheduled for an early December drop, we can safely assume they won’t have stock in time for Christmas.

Still, keep an eye on 2021 preorders opening up at a later date.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman lists both consoles as having “run out of stock” with no further update on expected ETA. If you’re interested in preordering from them, you can sign up to their mailing list for future news.


The Xbox Series X and Series S is completely sold out at Target. While the company’s website indicates stock will return at a later date, there’s no current ETA.

Big W

You can pre-order the Xbox Series S with Big W here. It’s got a November 24 release date, so you could be in luck for a delivery before December.

The Xbox Series X is listed as “coming soon” but it’s not available for preorder.

Amazon Australia

Both landing pages for the Xbox Series X and Series S list the consoles as out of stock, with no indication of when they’ll be back.

You can buy a spare controller from Amazon if you like, but if you’re after the console you’re out of luck right now.

The Gamesmen

The Gamesmen is currently sold out of the Series X and Series S with no update on future stock.


Much like the PS5, the Xbox Series X and Series S are currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on Kogan.

You can set up a personal email notification for when they’re back in stock.

For now, finding stock of the Xbox Series X in Australia appears just out of reach, with the Series S following close behind. Telstra customers who want to sign up to Xbox All Access are in luck and you might be able to pick one up from Big W, but for everyone else: kick up your feet, settle in with your Xbox One X and be patient for now.

Rumours out of the U.S. suggest a late November restock for both consoles is imminent — just in time for the Black Friday sales — but we don’t have a firm date or confirmation.

At this stage, it’s looking more like late December or early January 2021 will be your best bet for picking up a new console.


    • I guess if you didn’t plan to get Gamepass Ultimate for 2 years, that would work out to more.

      Though if you factor in the cost of GPU for 2 years, it works out cheaper than buying the console & GPU separately , and also covers you if the GPU sub price goes up in the next 2 years.

  • I recommend Telstra all access. I was originally wave two with delivery being Dec 10, but I was somehow upgraded to release day delivery. Also I managed to get an all access subscription without the prerequisite additional Telstra service. Lucked out I guess.

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