40 Boxes Of RTX 3090 Graphics Cards Stolen From Warehouse In China

40 Boxes Of RTX 3090 Graphics Cards Stolen From Warehouse In China
Image: Nvidia
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It’s bad enough that bots and scalpers are buying up all the stock of Nvidia’s new graphics cards, but some thieves in China have taken things to the next level and stolen 40 boxes of RTX 3090s, valued at around $US340,000 ($456,790), from an MSI warehouse.

As Tom’s Hardware reports (via a @GoFlying8 translation), the cards went missing earlier this morning. Wildly MSI believe that, due to the extreme security in place at these facilities — the area is under video surveillance, and trucks are checked coming in and out of the docks — the theft was an inside job.

While nobody is quite sure how the cards went missing, it’s not hard explaining why:

Screenshot: StockX Screenshot: StockX

Local police are offering $US15,000 ($20,153) for information on the theft, or in 2020 terms, 7.5 RTX 3090s.

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  • Surely there are serial codes or something similar would be tracked internally on an item like that.

    Given how hard they are to come by you’d think it’ll be really hard to ship that many of them without someone finding you.

    • You’d be surprised.

      If the thieves try to flip the cards themselves they will likely get caught sooner or later but if they are part of a larger operation then the cards will likely get moved quickly to another region or country for distribution via various fronts.

      • or you just sell in the numerous less than reputable computer stores in China and SE Asia…or just chuck it on Taobao where I feel no one buying anything checks if the price is reasonable.

        Basically unless you’re trying to sell it all in a short period of time, it’ll get lost in the usual sales noise over christmas, new years and Chinese new years…

        • It’s gotta be tempting to ship them quickly though.

          They’re worth stealing now cause of the shortage- they’ll be worth 50-75% less in six months time.

      • The whole vid card scam thing has been lurking on ebay and wish.

        Its not that hard for these guys to set up dummy shop accounts and then delete the account/shop once theyve sold a handful of cards… repeat and rinse.

        And these guys usually take the extra step to file off the serial numbers on the chips as well so yeah unless they catch the guy who let them in the warehouse good luck ever tracing them

        • Easy enough to read the serial number on the card when users go to register them though. If they really wanted they could potentially even disable the cards (via firmware) at that point, not sure of the legalities on that one though and it might not be the best look from a publicity standpoint.

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