BioWare Studio Head, Dragon Age Producer Both Leave Studio

BioWare Studio Head, Dragon Age Producer Both Leave Studio
Image: BioWare

Casey Hudson is leaving BioWare, again.

In a blog post announcing his departure, the creative director of the Mass Effect series and now former studio general manager of BioWare wrote, “I’m incredibly fortunate to have had a career where I’ve been able to work with brilliantly talented people, create entire worlds from our imaginations, and see them being enjoyed by millions of people around the world. And now, after nearly 20 years of work at BioWare, I’ve made the decision to retire from the studio and make way for the next generation of studio leaders.”

Also leaving BioWare is Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah. “Though I remain confident in BioWare’s strength and continued place in this conversation, I have decided to retire from my position at BioWare,” he writes.

Development on the new Dragon Age, the Mass Effect remaster, and whatever was going on with Anthem will continue according to Laura Miele, chief studios officer at Electronic Arts. Christian Daley, formerly of Blizzard Entertainment, will take over for Darrah on Dragon Age 4 while Mark Gamble heads the team working on the Mass Effect remaster.


  • Bioware has been bleeding out for a while now.
    Guess we shall see if the new blood will fix them, or turn into the final nail.

  • Big studios inevitably break up, and all the good people go off to their next quest.

    This is how new studios are born. A big studio like BioWare can spawn dozens of new studios. Some you’ll never hear of; some will announce amazing plans that never come to fruition; some will produce small indi games of varying quality; and one or two will rise and grow to match the former glory of their parent.

    Remember Interplay, and more specifically Black Isle. Had they not splintered, the industry would look very different today.

  • Hmmmm, didnt a bunch of studio heads leave during the development of a bioware game? And it turned out very well for that game. OH WAIT!

    That game was Anthem and it failed spectacularly.

    My hopes for DA4 are sinking fast. Im betting now that if DA4 does not do spectacularly well, Bioware will be shut down or absorbed into EA.

    • I mean, that was my (and most pundits’) bet on what would happen to Bioware if Anthem failed, which is absolutely did. That being after the (unfairly) poorly-received Andromeda and the troubled (but successful) DA:I.

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