Bring Back Colourful Consoles & Controllers

Bring Back Colourful Consoles & Controllers

This week we learn how much it sucks to have Covid-19, yell objection in a “courtroom,” hangout with Kratos in Fortnite, check out Cyberpunk 2077‘s photo mode, sit on a Pokemon and reminisce about the old days, when consoles came in many colours.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Ditto Makes For An Excellent Pokémon Sofa

When you see that purple amorphous Pokémon blob, don’t you just want to sit on it? Good news, you can!

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Finally, Ditto is worth a damn.

Scientists Are Trying To Work Out Why You Weirdos Invert Your Controls

After The Guardian ran a story earlier this year on gamers inverting their controls, a group of scientists — who have shifted their studies into online stuff during Covid — are now going to do a little research and try to find out why some people play video games the...

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I just got the first preliminary report from the researchers. It simply says this: They wild freaks.

Catching Covid-19 Sucked, Though Video Games Helped

Some call it a hoax. Others say it’s no worse than the common cold. But make no mistake: the covid-19 pandemic is very, very real. If you don’t believe the mountain of scientific literature, the army of medical professionals, the frontline reporting from countless reputable sources, the firsthand accounts, the...

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Ari is a great writer here at Kotaku and reading about his experience with Covid-19 is a great reminder of why we should all be wearing masks. Please. For the love of all that is good in this world, wear a fucking mask.


“Overruled! Habeus Corpus! Did I win yet?”

And you know what, I fucking love it.

I miss colourful and fun-looking consoles and controllers. I actually bought custom Xbox and PS4 controllers, both bright pink, not long ago because I’m so bored with grey and black and white hardware. MORE COLOUR!


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