CDPR Is No Longer Telling PlayStation Owners To Ask Sony For Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds

CDPR Is No Longer Telling PlayStation Owners To Ask Sony For Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds
Screenshot: CD Projekt Red

The Cyberpunk 2077 refund situation only gets weirder and weirder. Developer CD Projekt Red is now telling players who requested a refund for the game’s PlayStation 4 version to sit tight.

Following a weekend of ire about Cyberpunk 2077’s subpar performance on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, CD Projekt Red publicly apologised and directed dissatisfied players to request refunds through Microsoft’s and Sony’s official channels. They did. Xbox One users were met with mixed results. By and large, PlayStation players were less lucky, with many finding themselves stonewalled by Sony’s stricter refund policy. (If you’ve downloaded a game to your console, you’re ineligible for a refund. There’s a stated exception for “content” that is “faulty,” but Cyberpunk 2077, despite its raft of technical hiccups, doesn’t appear to fit the bill. Sony has repeatedly ignored requests for clarification from Kotaku.)

CD Projekt Red’s apology also included an email address — helpmerefund [at] cdprojektred [dot] com — where those who couldn’t successfully secure a refund could reach out to the publisher directly for help. Yesterday, CDPR execs said that no special refund policies were in place for Cyberpunk 2077 on either Microsoft or Sony’s platforms. This morning, people who wrote in to the helpline received this message in return:

So much yellow. (Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku / Gmail) So much yellow. (Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku / Gmail)

It doesn’t offer much in the way of guidance. Xbox players are pointed toward Microsoft’s refund request page. (As mentioned, players are seeing mixed results.) It does not direct people to contact Sony. Instead, it states: “If you own a digital copy on PlayStation, please wait for us to get back to you.”

CD Projekt Red said on Monday the helpline email address for requesting a refund will only remain open until Monday, December 21.

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  • It’s probably because Sony’s refund policy/process is completely full of shit.

    I had to deal with it last month when my account details were stolen (through Sony’s leaks, I might add!) and I suddenly had a bunch of bizarre game purchases on my paypal account (yes, shame on me for not have 2-factor authentication, all fixed now…)

    Trying to actually request a refund through the sony website is impossible if you follow the links – it will just loop around on itself. There’s no way to do it through your ‘account’ online. Eventually, you can get to a webform to request a refund, which they then don’t reply to.

    In the meantime, I’ve hit up Paypal and recorded the transactions as unauthorised, which they took care of pretty quickly. Almost IMMEDIATELY Sony sends me an email to let me know my account is banned because I had the audacity to use Paypal for…..what it’s there for? And then to get it un-banned, I need to go buy a bunch of GIFT CARDS and then give them a call. It’s some Nigerian prince shit.

    ALSO – when I call, I need to give them the following info:

    – The serial number of the playstation I set up the account on originally (4 playstations ago!)
    – My current serial number
    – The exact details of any legitimate transactions I’ve made through PS+ (which was years ago).

    So yeah, maybe that’s why CRPR is advising customers to sit tight on the refund thing for a second.

  • Remember, in Australia… Sony and Microsoft CAN NOT refuse to give you a refund if you believe the product is broken beyond an amicable resolution. CDPR statement is proof a resolution won’t be forthcoming.

    Its against the law to issue conditional clauses on returns/refunds if you have proof of purchase and have a legitimate grevience.

  • Sony always has shit policies and ways of dealing with things but it’s overlooked because they have a couple good exclusives

  • Yeah Sony have nearly always been absolute pricks with refunds/repairs for me apart from replacing my PS4 out of warranty due to an ongoing issue with ejecting discs. But every other interaction with them has been pathetic, even when sighting Australia consumer law, they flat out ignore it!

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