Crafting Too Many Items In Cyberpunk 2077 Is Causing Corrupted Save Files

Crafting Too Many Items In Cyberpunk 2077 Is Causing Corrupted Save Files

Cyberpunk 2077’s launch has been far from smooth. To add to a growing list of problems, some players are reporting that their saved files have been corrupted for being too large.

Cyberpunk 2077 PC players are being warned to keep an eye on their saved file sizes as it seems any files over 8MB are at risk. CD Projekt Red’s online forums have been flooded with players experiencing this problem and there is currently no fix.

Heavy use of Cyberpunk 2077’s crafting system has been identified as one of the main factors. Users on the forum report that crafting and disassembling items in-game quickly increases the file size of a saved game. It seems that this problem is occurring commonly for players who have spent many hours in the game, building up their inventories to the point their saved files are large enough to trigger the issue.

Once the files are corrupted, users are greeted with the warning “saved data is damaged and cannot be loaded.” This blocks them from loading their most recent save.

A response from CDPR on the GOG support page states that once a save file is corrupted there is no way of recovering it. The post also says that the save file size limit might be increased in a future patch, but corrupted save files will still be unusable.

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CD Projekt Red’s solution at the moment is for players to back up their save files and to try and load a previous uncorrupted save. But for some, this means hours of lost gameplay.

It’s also recommended that players keep a low amount of items and crafting materials during their playthrough. Crafting is a quick way to make money in Night City, so it’s disappointing that players are being encouraged not to take advantage of this feature in Cyberpunk 2077.

While keeping an eye on saved file sizes is one way to pre-empt this issue, players have noticed some other warning signs. Users have reported experiencing black screens for periods of up to 30 seconds, which is another indicator that a saved file could be headed for trouble.

This issue was originally said to affect all Cyberpunk 2077 platforms but now seems to be just a PC issue. Although, until a full fix for this problem is provided, it’s probably best to keep your inventory low regardless of platform. Having more items in your stash is not worth losing hours of gameplay.


  • To backup your saves, I googled these save locations

    %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077

    Steam Play (Linux)

    • id say youre on to something there. i just checked my save files, which ive backed up since the very first one (so currently have 424 manual saves over ~35 hours. my very first save at the start of the game was 1.145mb, save 217 was 2.038mb and current save 424 is 2.775mb. the file size is not increasing particularly quickly. i have not been using any exploits.
      good to know to keep an eye on it though just in case.

    • Gonna have to check my PS5 saves. I’ve done shitloads of crafting with my highest being 11 in any other skill, but Tech being my only 20 so far, and a big part of that is thanks to disassembling every item I come across meaning I’ve had thousands and thousands and thousands of low-level craft mats to turn into nekomatas to sell to vendors for the truly perverse amounts of cash required for legendary cyberware and all those cars.

      If crafting focus really does wreck saves, that’s going to be incredibly disappointing and annoying to me. I have the auto-disassemble perk, too! The moment I enter any new area, I’m already hoovering up junk that gets converted to materials.

      • the save file bug is only on PC and its only possible due to exploiting the crafting to make infinate eddies. normal crafting use and gameplay wont cause the problem

        • Christ. If they’re going to do that, they might as well just use Cheatengine (which I’ve heard works) and bypass the save-corrupting exploit. It’s ALL cheating (which is FINE. It’s a single-player game), just cut out the hassle.

    • In response to Lawlorz checking save files…

      Save 0 – Nomad Starting Zone – 1072kb
      Save 12 – Level 4 – 8 hours – 1695kb
      Save 14 – Level 14 – 32 hours – 2397kb (starting Heist – after doing all Watson sides)
      Save 21 – Level 30 – 74 hours – 4812kb
      Save 27 – Level 31 – 77 hours – 4761kb (Finished Ghost town – after a lot more sides)

      I might clear some trash, see if it lowers with destroying items.
      I keep a lot of zero weight items.

      • Experiments
        Sold a bunch of junk out of my inventory – a few weapons/mods/attachments/weapons etc. File size dropped 15KB
        Sold large bundle of mats. Dropped 3KB (6000 green mats)
        Sold all my weapons and clothes (including Stashed). Dropped 8KB (Approx 40 items)

        • sounds like potentially theres a bug in the save file system that leaves traces behind that eventually grow and grow. i seem to recall skyrim had a similar issue with save file growth? it didnt however have a 8mb cap where it would corrupt.

  • I finished the game on PC, specced into crafting, picked up everything crafted constantly.. and never had the issue. It shouldn’t be an issue at all for a game with crafting but I wonder if people are crafting tens of thousands of items for the free materials and infinite money

    • I feel like you have to craft thousands of items by design just to hit level 20 in the crafting skill.

      Even crafting blues or epics is only around 200xp and you need tens of thousands of xp to hit those higher levels.

    • they are, normal crafting use doesnt cause this. this happens through abusing the crafting to generate infinite eddies and mats. Obviously this could change in the long term with DLCs and Patches

  • Moderator on their forum has come back and saidCP2077 is not designed for unlimited endless play, and that upper limits were put in place to prevent the game from corrupting itself and running effeciently… and basically suggested “Stop Playing It, Start a New Game”. Suggesting the game is designed to be re-rolled, and not designed for completionists (despite the achievements)

    However the moderator seems to not understand what the player wants and what the game sold us, an OPEN WORLD.

    Since the crafting system is bugged that its leaving a residual data trail in the save file which makes High Technical builds broken as hell, the crafting bug isn’t breaking the save… the file format that is suppose to be stop the game corrupting itself, is corrupting the save. *FACEPALM*

    • heres hoping the moderator knows nothing about the development side of the game and the issue will be resolved in a patch. im a long way from it being an issue for me, but since i am leaning towards a technical/crafting build for my character it may affect me eventually as i dont tend to create multiple characters in games like these. i have hundreds of hours dedicated to single characters in other games like skyrim and borderlands.

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