Cyberpunk 2077, As Told By Steam Reviews

Cyberpunk 2077, As Told By Steam Reviews
Image: Steam
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Given that the PC is where Cyberpunk 2077 has the most potential, you’d think out of all the platforms, Steam might be the most positive towards Night City. And it is. Sort of.

The reception to Cyberpunk 2077 has been what you could call “mixed”, especially now that people are getting access to the game on the original consoles. PC is where the game has the most potential — if you’ve got the hardware to back it up — but even then, CD Projekt’s 8-year-long RPG creation is still beset with a series of bugs more akin to a Bethesda game.

It’s the game’s broader performance and optimisation which has left a lot of people unimpressed. There’s been a strong backlash from users with lower end PCs and graphics cards, with the Steam reviews filled with complaints over the game’s advertised minimum/recommended performance requirements. On top of that, fans have taken a giant stick to the many, many bugs. Nobody’s mentioned glitchy dicks yet, but just about every other bug under the sun has been a cause for concern.

On the flipside, those who have praised the game have appreciated the worldbuilding, the technical elements (minus the T-poses and such), soundtrack and characterisation. Night City itself has gotten a lot of praise, too.

So naturally, Cyberpunk 2077‘s Steam rating isn’t quite what CD Projekt and investors might have hoped for. It’s sitting at 74 percent positive from 45,000 reviews — not a bad number given the game only launched yesterday. But that still makes it the lowest rated game the Polish studio has released on Steam, four points below The Witcher Adventure Game and well below GWENT and the Witcher: Enhanced Edition, which are miles ahead at 88 percent each.

Here’s what PC users are saying about Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam:

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