Cyberpunk 2077 Has Sold 13 Million Copies, Even After Refunds

Cyberpunk 2077 Has Sold 13 Million Copies, Even After Refunds
Image: Cyberpunk 2077

The focus may be on Cyberpunk 2077’s faults at the moment, but despite many players choosing to refund their copies of the game, it’s still managed to blitz sales numbers.

Bloomberg reports that CD Projekt Red sold 13 million copies of Cyberpunk 2077 by December 20. This number also takes into account the number of refunds requested.

In a regulatory filing on December 22, the management board of CD Projekt SA chose to reveal these numbers due to their potential impact on ‘investment-related decisions’:

“This figure represents the estimated volume of retail sales across all hardware platforms (factoring in returns submitted by retail clients in brick-and-mortar as well as digital storefronts), i.e. the ‘sell-through’ figure, less all refund requests e-mailed directly to the company by the publication date of this report.”

Last week CD Projekt Red announced that Cyberpunk had recouped its development costs thanks to its pre-orders alone – which hit 8 million copies.

Cyberpunk 2077’s launch has been controversial, to say the least. Players found the highly anticipated game to be riddled with bugs and at a much lesser quality than advertised, particularly on older consoles.

After the game was pulled from sale on the PlayStation store, CD Projekt Red told customers that they would be eligible for a refund from both physical and digital stores. If players were refused a refund by retailers they could also request one from CD Projekt Red itself up until December 21.

While the exact number of refund requests for Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t been revealed, they don’t seem to have had a huge impact on its sales. Cyberpunk managing to hit 13 million sales in just ten days is no easy feat. For comparison, The Witcher 3 sold 6 million copies in its first six weeks.

While these numbers are impressive there are still some outside factors to consider. There are bound to be players out there who have purchased Cyberpunk but are holding off on actually playing the game until patches are released, which CD Projekt Red has promised are coming in 2021.

It will be interesting to see how Cyberpunk 2077’s sales progress in the coming months now that its issues are more widely known.


  • Unsurprising, since despite the spin of gaming media and associated clickbaiters on youtube that its an absolute trainwreck, the game is playable and fun. Its current state is far better than the final patched version of New Vegas, and it didn’t have the Devs release an alpha instead of the finished game like Dead Island when it launched on Steam. It is far from the worst gaming launch.

    Really, the only reason you’d be seeking a refund on GOG or Steam (as I’ve seen some people in the comments say) is if their PCs aren’t good enough. CDPR isn’t even as bad as Origin were in the days where you needed the cutting edge equipment to get it to run, since it runs on six core processors (like mine).

    • It’s the best and most engaging game I’ve played in years.

      But it’s also the buggiest game I’ve played in years. Maybe ever. I’ve had to reboot so many times now that it’s crazy.
      I always think people whinge far too much about buggy games… but 2077 is next level buggy 🙂

      But at the end of the day it’s CDPR. They’re going to fix it.

    • I dunno man, There’s a whole smaller percentage of complaints on PC if it were just pc complaints alone then the any sort of backlash should have amounted to a small ripple in the grand scheme of things, probably not that much different from plenty of other pc release generally speaking. But you’re forgetting. The big issue here are the console releases. Zero footage of xone & ps4 shown before release, have you seen long form footage from those consoles? It’s garbage. & how many millions more people own a last gen console then the newer ones, so there’s a lot of warranted upset players around.

      That said at some point CDPR should have dumped the xone & ps4 versions & simply stated that the game they’re trying to make’s simply too big & complex for current gen consoles & focussed purely on the PC version till they had next gen dev kits in their hands.

      It all seems so obvious now.

  • I’m running it on the Xbox One X, and not having too many problems.
    In about 25 hrs of play I’ve had three crashes to dashboard, and a few minor bugs and texture problems, but it honestly runs fine, and for a game of this scope, I’m really not sure what people were expecting.
    My favorite bug so far, was Jackie picking up and important box and leaving with it, but the box model staying where it was.
    “This is super important to our mission…. meh, fuck it, leave it”

  • Well, yeah… it’s as fun as fuck. Even when crashing every couple hours.
    They didn’t do what was promised or expected, but they delivered a really enjoyable product all the same. No shit it’s selling.

    Easy to forget, I guess, when calling for the devs to be placed in stocks for their many perceived crimes, and for the game to be set on fire and thrown in the bin forever so that those who hate it with an irrational fervour can finally be ‘freed’ to write or think about something they don’t hate.

    • On further reflection, I reckon the fact that the bulk of sales are preorders is pretty revealing. I’d say it means that the relentlessly negative press definitely had an impact on post-launch sales. Most of your game’s sales probably shouldn’t be preorders.

      The fact that those numbers are still high despite the offer of refunds also tells me that people who preordered and played are much, much happier with the game than the press are, because it’s nowhere even fucking close to as disappointing (let alone as unplayable) as some are making it out to be. People who’ve had hands-on know this. People who didn’t preorder, not so much.

      Bit disappointing, that.

      • I mean I haven’t played it, but a friend on base PS4 played an 2 hour of it and said the performance was so bad and the bugs so frequent in that 2 hour session that he hasn’t touched it since and doesn’t plan to until he can pick up a PS5.

        I’m sure there are plety of people loving the game, and power to them, but on the base consoles I think the quality is so far below any expectations that it’s very dissappointing for a lot of people, perhaps even unplayable for some.

        • on consoles its a completely different story because the base consoles just cant handle it and the stop gap consoles can only just run it. mean while the next gen consoles can run it fine, but its subpar compared the PC version

  • Not all refunds are done yet. GOG still hasn’t been handing any out from what I’ve seen, in spite of their bullshit guarantee. Wonder how many sales will happen after they’re done with that.

      • The PC sales were largely split between GOG and Steam. Unless you want you want to have a cry about that financial reality too?

        • You seem very bitter about the fact that only an insignificant fraction of people are as angry and about the whole experience as you are.

          But hell louie, no matter how many made up statistics you want to spout it is still not going to make you the kind of guy that people want to invite to parties.

          • I dunno mate, I’m making a comment on my ongoing consumer experience which is shared with many other people who purchased from GOG. But here you are getting defensive because your favourite megacorp borked it up and you feel the need to do some unpaid shilling like a noob.

            Only one of these actions is useful to other people and the butthurt unpaid shilling because my experience existing hurts your fee fees is not the useful one. Cry more and cry hard, because you’re not getting paid for wasting your time when people already know a shill and know that the payment you receive is equivalent to your IQ.

  • I think the general consensus is that if you’re playing on a decent PC, a mid-tier console refresh (PS4 Pro/XBOne X) or a next gen console, you’re alright.. So no surprise that there’s a lot of people very happy with the game and not returning it..

    This does leave a LOT of people playing it the vanilla last gen consoles. This game was always touted as a PS4/Xbox One game, NOT a PS5/Series X game, as it was meant to be released months before the new consoles came out.

    I don’t own it, but I’ve seen it running on a base Xbox One and I can confirm, it’s pretty bad sometimes, with hitches in frame rates and slowdown. My mate is still playing it and enjoying it, but it’s definitely not in what I would think is a proper playable form on those consoles..

  • Bought on GOG, updated to 1.5 and I went from being able to play part of the prologue to not even being able to boot without it flatlining.

    • The memory leaks are so bad that if you play for an extended period it starts fucking with your PC. Anyone who’s saying “it works fine on PC” is kidding themselves. I was well above the system reqs for recommended and they’re a complete lie in addition to the rest of the game being a lie as well. Guess we know why TW3 team all left before this project released.

      • Hey louie

        Sorry you’re having problems on your PC, but I’m seriously not kidding myself when I say it works just fine on mine. Played a little over eight hours yesterday without a hitch. No memory leaks, no crashes, no glitches.

        I hope things improve for you.

        • I had it BSOD my computer, which is well ahead of their recommended specs along with all of the broken textures, collision detection and other issues being in full effect. I remember Skyrim on launch and the worst that got for me was “use a console command to fix a broken questline”. I’m glad it works well for you man, but the stability of this game is absolutely terrible.

  • The game is great, that said I’m not playing it until another few patches come out, making it a little more stable and playable than it is right now, I had issues I could have worked around but chose not to.

    The sales point to people believing in the game despite a rocky start, but it also shows the fickle nature of certain types of gamers, they didn’t get their instant fix so they dumped it and moved on, I say good riddance, this type of game is too much for these dimwitted players.

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