How Cyberpunk 2077 Runs On PS5 After The Latest Update

How Cyberpunk 2077 Runs On PS5 After The Latest Update
Image: Cyberpunk 2077
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Cyberpunk 2077 has had a rocky launch to say the least. Its first few days post-launch were filled with major complaints from console and PC users alike. There were game-breaking bugs, quests that wouldn’t register as complete, constant visual glitches and major crashes reported on all consoles, particularly on PS5 and PC. While patches have since been issued to address the game’s major problems, there are still a few fatal flaws lurking in the game.

If you’re planning on playing the game on PS5, you might want to wait until further patches are issued for stability.

While everyone will have a different experience, the game is currently crashing at a rate of around two times per hour of gameplay even with the latest update. In total, I’ve experienced at least nine game-ending crashes over the last three days. Others on Twitter have reported upwards of ten crashes on PS5 in the days since launch with the number still climbing post-update.

It usually happens when you load into a new area or step in a questline, with the console crashing to an error menu and prompting you to submit a report. Unlike other PS5 errors, these crashes are purely software-based. You can load right back into the game post-crash, but you will have to redo at least five or 10 minutes of your adventure depending on where the game last auto-saved. It’s not game-breaking, but it’s still a major distraction.

In terms of the performance itself, Cyberpunk 2077 actually looks and feels quite reasonable on PS5 when it’s not busy crashing.

Image: Cyberpunk 2077

Action is consistently smooth, and there’s no major visual issues outside of odd glitches like NPCs disappearing or objects clipping through the floor. In my time with the game, I haven’t experienced any lag, screen tearing or gameplay inconsistencies. (For reference, I’m playing on a standard HDMI 2.0 4K TV.)

The game’s insistence on using film grain and motion blurring does make the world look a bit muddy at times, but given it’s a game originally developed for PS4 this isn’t majorly surprising. It looks fine, and there’s no major, game-breaking issues here. It certainly doesn’t look like a PS5 game, but until it receives its planned 2021 next gen patch there won’t be anything too exciting in the visuals department.

But despite how well it runs, it’s hard to look past the frequent console crashes. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck into a difficult quest and losing half your progress when the game suddenly shuts down. If you’re overly concerned about maintaining your quest progress, it’s best to wait for a new fleet of updates before you begin your journey with Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5.

It’s likely these updates will continue to roll out across the next few months as the CD Projekt Red team irons out the remaining development kinks. The situation with the game is slowly improving, but a definitive fix is still a while away.


  • Pre Saturday’s 18gb update the game ran and looked pretty trash at times. Felt like a very different game yesterday, but still getting the 3-4 crashes an hour.

  • Is this limited to just PS5 or does PC/Xbox Series S/X also have the same issues? I decided a while ago to wait out Cyberpunk (as I did with Witcher 3) and it appears that may have been the best course of action.

    Not many things are worse for gamers than started a new game (especially one as big as this) and your first impressions are of ‘potential’ lost by the limitations of the hardware ruining your gameplay experience..

    • Unfortunately I don’t have a code to test on other consoles – but there are multiple reports of crashes on the Xbox side of things too. I know Alex was playing on PC, and he’ll be delivering a more robust review of the game this week which should address some of the issues.

      • I am enjoying the game on (a fairly beefy) PC and want to play more but it’s crashy as hell. Interestingly, tuning down various things in the game and (perhaps) running borderless windowed made the crashes seem to happen significantly less – from every 20-30 minutes to over an hour at a time.

        Otherwise only the odd glitch and while it’s not breaking framerate records, it’s fast enough and consistent with my current settings.

        • you either have a hardware or driver issue. have put about 30 hours into the game so far and the only 2 crashes ive had have taken the whole system down due to dodgy nvidia drivers, 460.79 for reference, and only from me alt-tabbing into another hardware accelerated program. once corrected back to 457.51, not a single crash related to the game (or in fact, at all).

    • Hey mate. I’m running on Series X. I’ve removed the first two graphical filters and switched to Quality mode and the game actually looks pretty decent. From reports, it’s almost native 4K. In terms of crashes, unsure if I’m just lucky but I’ve now played 30 hours and had the game crash once. I have had to reset the game (not the console) a couple of times because of annoying things (i.e. Mini map constantly showing I’m in a hostile area) but other than that, it’s running fine.

      Definitely getting a few glitches, mostly clipping (NPCs walking through walls and lips not moving when talking etc.) but my experience has been pretty good.

      • Thanks for the update. I have the Series X, so that’s the one I would be more curious on (no way I could afford a PC powerful enough to run this thing) and with only a 1080p display, I was thinking the performance mode would be better, but no idea if that is less or more buggy..

        • Performance mode worked fine on Series X for the first 15 hours I played. Was even at 60FPS and there weren’t any noticeable drops from that.

          I just preferred the look in Quality mode so switched to it.

    • I have it on PC (i9-9900 & 2080ti) and am about 20 hours in with no crashes. The only bugs I’ve encountered is some items that are un-lootable, and my character once being stuck walking which was fixed by toggling aim-down-sight on my Xbox controller. That may have just been my controller being janky.
      I didn’t start to play until Saturday afternoon after an update which may have helped.

        • haha yep the T-pose is pretty fun. was doing a side mission down by the waterfront involving some BD creators. one of the enemies patrolling was stuck in T-pose and i got caught out from him being able to see me when his character model suggested he shouldnt. but yeah ive come across at least 50 instances of items that are meant to be lootable but theres no way to trigger the prompt.

  • its really weird on PS5. Even with all the film grain and that turned off and HDR tuned right, the game can go from looking rather acceptable to very late gen PS3, sans textures and looking blocky.

    I get maybe one crash every hour or so, and always at the strangest of time. Like sometimes when I literally just standing there watching the world go by.

  • The recent PS5 stability patch was a god-send. I went from 1-2 crashes per hour to maybe possibly one per 4-5hrs. Significant improvement.

  • When playing Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5, you need to keep in mind that it’s running in a compatibility mode, meaning the PS4 version of the game gains zero benefits of what the PS5 can offer. The closest the PS5 emulates is the PS4 Pro, which still has issues even after 60+Gb of patches.
    With an install size that is double most other versions, it was too much for me. Traded the game back, got a PC copy instead, and will wait for the proper PS5 version next year.

  • My PS5’s error history has logged 16 crashes in total over 54 hours (not an accurate playtime, since I had left the game sitting for a few hours once or twice) since I had started playing at 10pm AEST on the 9th (NZ digital version).
    The latest patch has definitely seemed to reduce the frequency of the crashes, I remember them happening much more often prior to the 1.04 patch. Hopefully a new patch manages to eliminate them, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a base PS4, close to 9 hours playtime and have had about 4 major game crashes at heavy combat/density areas/missions. Some frame rate dips but haven’t experienced any of those meme texture pop-ins or glitches yet. No crashes since the 1.04 update and only major glitch so far was when one NPC didn’t follow me to the boss room and I couldn’t exit the area, had to reload save point to spawn the NPC back in. Will be turning off all graphical settings when I play next as I’ve just read/heard that helps, too.

  • About ten hours in on a PS5, turning off a few of those graphical settings have made the image much sharper and have had all the standard glitches and crashes, but with all that said, I’ve still enjoyed it so far.

    One of the things I have noticed though is that a lot of the textures go from fairly low res to extremely low res that they kind of just look like a blocky blur wrapped around an object, these are mostly for stuff that is set dressing but its the kind of low quality I haven’t seen in a game for a very long time. I’m assuming they tanked a lot of these textures to get them to run on the base systems?

  • Holy crap, reading these comments I am so glad I didn’t buy the game yet and fully support all the refunds people are getting. This is not acceptable quality from a console game…

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