Demon’s Souls Invader Destroyed By Game’s Worst Attack

Demon’s Souls Invader Destroyed By Game’s Worst Attack
It's not easy, but it certainly makes a statement. (Screenshot: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku)

While a neat concept, getting invaded by other players in the Demon’s Souls remake can be super frustrating. Sometimes it feels impossible to land a single hit due to the typical online latency. But a notable Souls player recently managed to banish an invader from his world with the worst and most unwieldy attack in the game.

Twitch streamer Lobosjr was in the middle of a bow-only Demon’s Souls run on PlayStation 5 when he was invaded by another player looking to spoil his fun. Their battle, like most in the game’s online environment, was clumsy and lasted beyond the point of being entertaining, but it gave Lobos several chances to end the fight with the bow’s awkward and very, very weak melee bash. After several minutes, one of his attempts finally landed, and he jokingly thanked the “paid actor” before continuing on his way.

The wonkiness of online play belies the inherent difficulty of this feat. Every weapon in Demon’s Souls has what is known as a “push” or “bash” attack. These attacks, performed by tilting the left stick in the direction the character is facing and pulling the right trigger at the same time, are typically reserved for breaking an enemy’s guard, and generally serve little purpose outside of player vs. player matches.

With bows, however, push attacks come with an extra layer of complexity. Instead of performing the typical motion, the player must tilt the control stick in the opposite direction that they’re facing, after which their character will swing the bow behind them. I have no idea what purpose this strange attack serves, and I even had to go back to the original PlayStation 3 game to double-check if it was new to the remake or not (it’s not).

Bows themselves might be an incredibly viable way to beat Demon’s Souls, but I don’t recommend relying on this odd melee attack during your playthrough. Unless, of course, you’re looking to style on an invader like Lobos.

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