Disco Elysium Coming To PS4 And PS5 March 2021

Disco Elysium Coming To PS4 And PS5 March 2021
Screenshot: ZA/UM

One of last year’s best games, the anti-capitalist detective RPG Disco Elysium, is headed to PS4 and PS5 in March of next year with new quests and features.

The director’s cut, titled Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, will add full voice acting for every character, additional quests, and be free to everyone who’s already bought the game. On PS5, the game will support 4K graphics at 60fps.

Are you ready hate yourself all over again?

The Final Cut’s new content includes an entire new area in the city, new people, and more choices to regret. Few games have married branching storytelling and skill trees the way Disco Elysium has, and it’s long overdue on console.

However, creators ZA/UM didn’t mention Xbox One, Series X/S, or Switch during tonight’s announcement at The Game Awards. The developers had previously announced that the game would eventually come to some of these platforms as well. It’s unclear if those are also still in the works, or there might be some kind of timed-exclusivity in play for the PlayStation release.

Disco Elysium won the most awards of any game at 2019’s Game Awards, including best RPG of the year.


  • Free to those that already own it? That’s pretty awesome. Have it on steam but recently moving to mostly gaming on PS5 makes this great news.

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