Dragon Age Voice Actor Potentially Out After Twitter Attack On Series Writer Mark Darrah

Dragon Age Voice Actor Potentially Out After Twitter Attack On Series Writer Mark Darrah
Image: BioWare

Yesterday BioWare general manager Casey Hudson and lead Dragon Age series writer Mark Darrah resigned from BioWare, spawning a wave of concern in fans over the continued health of the studio’s popular franchises. Today, Greg Ellis, the actor who voiced Dragon Age’s Anders and Cullen, took to Twitter to personally attack the writer, prompting a stern response from Darrah.

In this tweet, Ellis publicly accused Darrah of being a “disloyal, duplicitous corporate fake,” and alleged that Darrah’s resignation from the studio was “enforced.”

Screenshot: Twitter Screenshot: Twitter

Mark Darrah responded to Ellis in a quote tweet, saying “I’ve been letting you slide for a while but I think Dragon Age Day is maybe the day when that ends.”

Screenshot: Twitter Screenshot: Twitter

Darrah goes on to suggest that Ellis’ behaviour toward him and the larger community could potentially bar Ellis from ever working with BioWare again. Ellis, notable for his portrayal of Anders and Cullen, has fallen out of favour with some fans for his support of U.S. President Donald Trump and “out-of-the-box thinkers” like “Blexit” organiser and right-wing puppet , Candance Owens. Some of his other inspirations include noted bigot Jordan Peterson and Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA fame:

Darrah implied Ellis’ accusation may be an attempt to garner “attention of a different group,” and noted that it will harm his reputation and future employment prospects with BioWare — ”a company that cares about its public appearance.”

EA and BioWare have not yet responded to Kotaku’s request for comment.


      • At this point Kotaku writers need to actually earn my respect, beyond basic human decency. used not be that way a decade ago but, now media in general means you start from the very bottom of the respect list.

  • It seems some people don’t understand what a bigot is.
    I find some of Peterson’s stuff to be interesting and thought provoking but his bigotry isn’t exactly something he hides.

  • Oh yes, I can absolutely see the relevance of not only the article that barely spends 1% of its time dealing with what Peterson has actually said but also the issues of climate change (real) and retarded conspiracy theories…


    • Let’s be honest, you’d still not be happy if I had linked a peer reviewed paper or two. After all, academia is full of nothing but rent seeking cultural marxists, after all… excluding Peterson himself, of course.

      Peterson’s views entirely speak for themselves, as even a cursory google of his name will demonstrate. If you don’t consider views such as white men are more successful because they work harder, discrimination hasn’t been a thing for decades, and men have a tendency towards being violent if they don’t get sex as problematic then nothing I can link you to is going to help.

      • Considering you link to Vice and the guardian and used the word Problematic.
        Not sure anything you link is anything close to a peer reviewed paper.

        • There are also quite a few articles on white supremacist and incel websites saying more or less exactly same thing, the only difference being the positive instead of negative spin, if you feel that these might be more credible alternatives?

          Indeed, it’s not as if every single one of the facts described aren’t entirely on the public record, if you’d prefer to do your own research.

          • I would hate to see what white supremacist or incel websites say on the matter when you post a guardian article as proof hes as bigot with nothing in the article showing any bigot behaviour, just claiming that is he is without any proof, But more in line with some similar thoughts that is shown on THIS website that if you dont share the same opinions on identity politics well then youre just a bigot/alt-right/homophobic/sexist/racist context be damned.

            But ill have to take your word on that in regards to what the incel/white power websites do in regards to claiming X is Y because i said so, cant really say i know too many white supremacist or incel websites and read their ‘literature’
            Unless you mean shit like 4chan, which there is a reason why i avoid /pol/ like its coronachan.

        • Come on, Angora, you know you can’t link to any sources viewed as left-wing, even if they’ve been independently ranked as amongst the most reliable news outlets. Fox News, Infowars and The Australian only, please!

          • The guardian/Vice are both use blog style journalism where they express opinions as facts.
            If some right wing nutjob used fox news/info wars as their sources i would rightly call them out for that too.
            The Australian however, well, the really dumb shit from them usually has a big “Opinion” subtitle.

          • @m2d2: what do you mean exactly by “blog style journalism”? Are you referring to the presence of opinion columns? Isn’t that a feature of pretty much every major newspaper in existence?

            In the case of The Guardian, there are big “News” and “Opinion” links in the top of the page header. The article Angora linked to is from the news side.

      • Actually that’d be great because I can generally assume they’d actually be DIRECTLY considering what he’s said/done as opposed to spending 1000’s of words complaining mostly about certain members of his fandom, what he called his daughter and other irrelevant shit. That way, I could actually evaluate if he’s any of the things asserted by you or the author of this Kotaku piece or the author of the article you linked to. So maybe try leading with the things he’s said and done and not the shit articles, conspiracy theories and science-denial nonsense if you’d prefer not to get called out.

  • I don’t think Darrah is in a position to determine anything “sliding” when he allowed Chris Priestly to harass people using the DA forums for years. Maybe he should sort out the ***holes in his team harassing community members before the VAs calling out corporate mismanagement.

  • Thank you for reminding me again that this website is actually a host for several authors’ personal politics and social commentary blogs, and is merely wearing the rotting corpses of gaming culture and professional journalism as a disguise.

    • And yet here you are, again and again with your one sentence criticisms of how awful this website apparently is.

      I’m curious, do you genuinely have the memory of a goldfish, or is there something about constantly torturing yourself that you find particularly enjoyable?

      Also, why do you feel a constant need to tell us about it?

      • And you’re any better?

        You seem to follow me and a few other people around purely to bitch at things we post.

        So while you’re allowed to do that, I’ll continue commenting on how these people who call themselves professional journalists often act like anything but.

    • It is somewhat baffling that the same small group of people seem to insist on coming there, reading articles they know will trigger them and then complaining in the comments. Perhaps these people could find a website with writers more suited to their political leanings and give the rest of us some peace?

      • You could head to resetera where you would fit right in and give us some peace, especially when most of the time on here its people having a go at the author for shit opinions they like to dress up as facts so they could get some hate clicks.
        But hey, considering you like the guardian.
        Shouldnt be shocked you like that kind of ‘journalism’.

        • Wait a minute – you’re really saying we (the people that generally agree with or have interest in the left leaning content of this left leaning site) should leave this site because most of the time it’s people like you disagreeing with said content in the comments?

          Are you seriously, unironically saying that in the community’s view the comments section should take precedence over the articles said comments appear under?

          Jesus Christ.

          • Considering how you whinge, call people bad actors whenever they disagree with you or whatever name you pick out of a hat.
            Yes. I generally think you would fit in well with the resetera crew.

          • @m2d2 The last time we had an argument you went down the line of saying your mental health issues are worse than mine (therefore I should stop whining about them, or discussing openly what gives me trouble.) You all but used the ever charming toughen up princess line which is and always will be pathetic coming from someone who should know how debilitating mental health issues can be. Even by my expectations for interactions with you I was pretty surprised and disappointed you would stoop so low. Whatever shit you deal with does not invalidate the shit I deal with, and we’ll both be affected differently by different situations. Don’t tell me what should or should not be difficult for me to deal with – I won’t ever presume to understand what you deal with, so please don’t presume to understand what I deal with.
            Frankly I won’t accept anything short of an apology here, but I won’t hold my breath. I know it’s not coming.

            You also claimed I was calling for you to be banned, a claim which you have left out here, though you include the language around that previous claim. I wasn’t.
            I was calling for harsher moderation – moderation that would keep me in check on my bad days, but also you on, hmm, let me see, every single day something left-wing gets posted to this left-leaning site and you feel the need to stir up shit with the people that read the left-wing stuff you disagree with. That’s why it’s so funny to see you argue the left-wing readers of a left-wing site should leave because most of the time people are disagreeing with it in the comments.
            You’re probably the single biggest contributor to those complaints under those articles. It would seem you’re mistaking your own flood of comments as a general consensus you’re a part of.

            But still you argue I label everyone I disagree with as a bad actor and fail to see that 1) you’re actually the only person I’ve specifically labelled as a bad actor and 2) you literally just argued people that don’t ‘hate click’ on an article just to complain should leave to find a different site because the people that do should take precedence.

            The thing about me labeling you a bad actor, and yes, I am, is that it’s a label you can always change. If most of the comments I saw from you sought to express love rather than hate, sought to understand or in good faith challenge different opinions rather than just bait them into nasty arguments that devolve into personal attacks or simply didn’t swell the comment count under articles with replies to the people that take your bait with yet more bait I wouldn’t label you a bad actor. It’s an action you engage in, not a description of you.

            I’ve been a bad actor here in the past, and I likely will be again, though I don’t wish to be one – so have lots of people I both politically agree and disagree with, and I think they, and I, should be moderated harshly when they do get personal or nasty. I sure don’t like it and I expect you don’t either.

            Everyone wins in a more civil comments section. So when I see people deliberately try to make it less civil – yeah, they’re a bad actor that lessens Kotaku Au as a whole.

          • If you cant handle people having other opinions than yours on the internet, you 100% need to ‘toughen up princess’ the fact you claimed clicking on an article triggers your anxiety, if you are that incapable of handling clicking on an article that may trigger you, that youre anxeity is that bad, then either you 100% have it worse than me OOOOOOOOOOR The internet might not be for you.
            As far as my own mental illnesses and them being worse than yours, you kinda missed the point. Whilst probably accurate, the point was even with how bad i have it, i dont claim a website should be my safe space so i dont get triggered ‘so please stop the comments they are so damaging to my soul’.
            Its less about “my problems are worse” and more “Im not so self entitled i demand the internet be clean for me”
            Because, you know, ITS THE FUCKING INTERNET.

            Lets not forget for one second, in an article that the first comment in it, was having a go at people who would dare disagree with him being racist, you agreed with him.
            You quickly laid your cards on the table, even when he was antagonistic to the ENTIRE COMMUNITY.
            But hey, someone else is a ‘bad actor’. Lets just focus on that, and ignore the fact that because someone MY side of the divide was the one starting the flame war.
            When someone like Burnside or worrito REEEEE all over the forum, you stay silent.
            I wonder why that is.

            Most of the disagreements stem from the authors of this site, claiming X is Y, without any proof, acting like their word is law.
            Alot of people, push back on that agenda, especially when people such as fishboy provide ‘proof’ when its just someone else stating an opinion and thats supposed to be good enough. I know for alot of you that is. To others its not.

            Do you know how many people would have whinged about this post if it was just about a voice actor getting yelled at by his former boss because they OBVIOUSLY have some bad blood, but when it comes to bioware, theres alot of that to go around, but no, they had to continue the sly digs because it gets hate clicks.
            You may be all for that type of journalism, but alot of people here are not, and it ALWAYS COMES from the same handful of Kotaku US authors who spend way too much time on twitter.

            But do you know why so many people who dont like that side of kotaku stay, Its because of the BRILLIANT Kotaku AU side of the coin.

            Thats why i recommend resetera for you.
            1. Less chance of people disagreeing with your opinion
            2. also believe in ‘safe space internet’
            3. will ban anything they dont like or dont want around

            But you probably want to stay here, because
            1. You like kotaku US and the agenda they shoehorn into topics that dont really need it and
            2. You also like Kotaku AUs spectacular side as well.

            But just know, staying means you have to deal with comments that disagree with you and the “EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL” being thrown in our faces when we just milk that tastes like real milk, i mean, a video game news website in australia that has good VIDEO GAME CONTENT.

          • @m2d2 You still don’t get it. I’m beginning to think you never will. I disagree with most people on this site on most issues. I disagree with people that are both close to me in a political perspective and those that aren’t. I frequently actually disagree with a lot of the articles on this site – even sometimes ones you also disagree with.

            So answer me – why you are the only one I specifically say I have a problem with? Is it because of your political perspectives that I obviously disagree with? Or is it maybe because you’re an insufferable asshat who attacks everyone on a personal level, all the time, seemingly for fun. You ask why I stay silent? Because though there are others I absolutely have issues with, you’re the only one that is so consistently, almost exclusively nasty and personal in their attacks. I stay silent with plenty of right-wing people here too because they’re almost all, almost always, trying to be civil in all the ways you aren’t.

            I know you’ll read this as a thin skin reaction to a nasty man on the internet, and that’s cute. Keep holding on to your idea of the internet as one homogenous place where any sign of honesty or vulnerability should be read as a weak point to jab at – where anything personal should now be treated like a public slip up to be torn apart on 4chan by keyboard warriors. Kotaku AU used to be better than this, and you are deliberately, actively making it worse. Maybe auto moderation used to keep you in check, maybe you’ve just grown more angry and hateful, but Kotaku AU’s whole comments section got worse in the same ways you got worse.

            More divisive, more reactionary and more personal.

            The comment I think you’re referring to was a reaction to the rise in hard-right and reactionary comments in what was once a really welcoming, positive community – I didn’t read it as antagonistic to the whole community, but I’m sure it was antagonistic towards you and the version of a community you’d like to see on this site.

            You’ve literally said you hate-click on articles just to complain about them. I don’t understand how you fail to see why that’s pathetic, embarrassing and frustrating for the rest of us. The funny thing with your argument about ‘everything is about politics’ (and quoting an ad about milk?) is that politics is all you ever seem to talk about. I click on those articles because I enjoy reading them (even – Shock! Horror! – when I disagree with their argument or examples! Wow! It’s actually possible to take interest in something you disagree with!). You click on them to make everyone that does the same’s day worse. It’s childish, it’s pathetic and if this is how you think the internet should be I feel sorry for you. If a cold, barren, hate-filled cess pit to dump all your negative emotions into is what you think the internet looks like and what you want Kotaku AU to look like, congrats – you’re on your way to making it happen. I don’t want the internet to be ‘clean’ or a ‘safe space’ – I just want a community I really liked to stop sliding into the pit of hate you’re pushing it towards.

            But you’ll never get any of that, you’ll never actually resspond to any points I make and you’ll probably never change.
            I’m a lefty arguing to censor you and ban everyone who I disagree with right? I want to send you to the Gulag for thought crimes – you’re just expressing yourself and I’m trying to clamp down the vice of political correctness on your throat until all you can croak out is a weak ‘trans rights’ and then I’ll smile and pat you on the back with a ‘welcome comrade’ right? I probably want to make your frogs gay too.

            So long as you act like one, I’ll keep calling you a bad actor – when you stop, I will to.

        • It’s even more stupid than you’d think, because most of the articles these people comment on are written by Kotaku US, so the writers they’re moaning about aren’t even on this site to see their whinging. It’s literally just complaining for the sake of complaining.

          • People are not allowed to voice opinions if they are not heard by the very specific people they’re talking about? Right then.

            So you’re saying that the likes of Trump, etc, read Kotaku… Because by your logic that MUST happen, or all the authors injecting their personal politics into the gaming articles any chance they get should shut the fuck up too.

            // It’s even more stupid than you’d think //
            Oh, how right you were.

          • So we’ll ignore the fact that you worded it as talking directly to the author, then? And that you’re very clearly stating a “fact” than any sort of opinion?

            I generally just ignore you and the cohort of commenters like you, but I have a tolerance limit. You comment on every one of these types of articles as though you and your opinion has any chance of changing anything at all. You’re accomplishing nothing, other than making this community just that little bit worse. You clearly don’t like the political leanings of most of the authors so why stay? Do you like being outraged or are you just doing your part to “own the libs”?

            “Oh, how right you were.”
            And yet you continue to surpass even my expectations.

          • I mean you’d hope the people crossposting would get the hint eventually that these articles aren’t really the popular ones that people like. otherwise the hatebaiting must score huge dollars because the Australian posts are usually really good.

        • Look, I get you and myself might disagree with some on here.

          But ResetEra is on a whole another level of mental retardation. I think most if not all of those we disagree with here in the comments are vastly more intelligent and self-aware than those you find polluting ResetEra.

          I’ve spent enough time reading through spectacularly bad ResetEra takes to know the majority of commenters on here would probably not belong there.

          • I dont know, they tend to use the same arguments, start calling for others to get banned when they dont get their way with people they disagree with, or the reintroduction of the flagging/downvote so they get rid of people they dont agree with.
            Also tend to do the same circular logic where they claim others are X and they bring up articles as proof when its really just someone claiming they are X.
            Granted resetera members are more in the worrito/Burnside area of special. But i think they would still very much fit in with the vibe of the place.

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