Even The Head Of PlayStation Studios Has His PS5 Upside Down

Even The Head Of PlayStation Studios Has His PS5 Upside Down
Image: Sony / Kotaku

The PS5 is a strange-looking console. Lots of curves and swoops. It’s easy to accidentally set it up the wrong way, which is exactly what Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, seems to have done in a now-deleted tweet. Whoops!

Earlier this morning, Hermen Hulst uploaded a cute little video of his cat attacking his TV while he played Bugsnax. However, lurking down below the cat was his PS5 which was upside down.

Photo: Herman Hulst Photo: Herman Hulst

As spotted by the folks over at ResetEra, the tweet featuring the flipped PS5 was quickly deleted and the video reuploaded, this time with the console cropped out.

For those wondering, the correct way to lay the console horizontally is using the stand included in the box to set the console flat, with the disc tray on the bottom left of the machine.

Correct.  (Photo: Sony) Correct. (Photo: Sony)

So it appears Hulst is rocking his PS5 upside down, like a rebel who doesn’t care about rules or instructions. Or maybe, like so many others, he just got confused setting up the oddly shaped console. According to Kotaku’s own Ari Notis, setting the PS5 upside down feels more natural and logical. I think he’s just making excuses for setting up his fancy next-gen machine incorrectly.

I imagine after this silly mistake some Sony PR emails are being sent out to politely inform folks how to properly set up a PS5.


      • If we are comparing, the black box looks pretty sweet in my AV cupboard while the ‘interesting’ ps5 doesn’t even fit.

      • There is no denying that the PS5 is an ‘interesting’ choice from Sony, but the fact remains, it’s ridiculously huge and unwieldy.

        I prefer the Xbox purely as it IS unremarkable and doesn’t draw attention to itself. Just sits there invisible in a sense. My wife has already forgotten that it is sitting on top of the cabinet to the right of the TV. I guarantee the same won’t be said when I get the PS5 in 2021. My friend’s one lasted a weekend on top of the cabinet, now it’s squeezed sideways in his TV stand awaiting its inevitable overheating day.. I am concerned the same fate will befall my white Sony monolith..

  • Being fair, disc drive on top makes sense (unless you know, you are trying to minimise disk usage and phase them out :P.)

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