Fallout 76 Will Soon Let Players Hoard Even More Junk

Fallout 76 Will Soon Let Players Hoard Even More Junk
Image: Bethesda

Fallout 76 players are about to see their junk allowance dramatically increased next month when a new update increases stash sizes by 50%.

Players of Bethesda’s online post-apocalyptic sim spend most of their time scavenging the remnants of bombed-out Appalachia for building supplies, crafting materials, and occasionally powerful legendary equipment. As a result, anyone who’s been playing for any length of time has at one point or another hit up against Fallout 76’s stash limit, the hard cap on the total amount of extra stuff that can be stowed away for safekeeping. An update in January will raise that limit by a lot.

“We’re currently planning to increase the Stash limit by 50%, to a maximum of 544 kg,” Bethesda announced in last Friday’s Inside the Vault post. “So, whether you stockpile weapons and armour, squirrel away lots of Junk, or hoard Perfectly Preserved Pies, you’ll have much more space to continue collecting.”

Image: Bethesda Image: Bethesda

This is a perennial request of Fallout 76 players, and the third time Bethesda has added more storage to the game. When it launched in late 2018, players only had a measly 181 kg of extra, off-site inventory space at their disposal. A couple months after the game came out, Bethesda bumped it up to 600, and a year later raised it again to 800. This latest increase, due out some time before the end of January, will be the biggest yet, and provide players with plenty more room for collecting as they continue grinding through 2020’s sweeping Wastelanders expansion and the next round of battle pass rewards dropping when season three starts tomorrow.

Bethesda outlined a couple of other quality-of-life improvements coming to the game next year as well, including a stack weight description to tell you the total weight of item bundles like ammunition, and a streamlined pip boy with some new streamlined menus. A “new” tab will automatically show you everything you’ve collected since you logged on, armour will get its own tab that will make swapping equipment in the middle of battle easier, and food and drinks will also get a dedicated tab to cut down on players injecting themselves with drugs when all they meant to do was eat some radstag stew.

In the meantime, a holiday scorched event doling out extra loot will get underway in the game starting December 17.


  • First mod I usually install for any RPG is an unlimited inventory hack. I don’t know who thought that inventory Tetris was a fun game mechanic in a loot-based game, but it sure wasn’t me.

    • I feel very few games really walk the line properly regarding inventory weight… And it’s rarely games like Fallout where “loot every piece of trash you see” is pretty much the expectation.

      Some either have an inventory limit that is so large it may as well be unlimited anyway as you carry around dozens of weapons as well as hundreds of items that are tagged as being weightless anyway… And some have an inventory limit where picking up a slice of bread has your character collapse to the ground like they tried to pick up the planet beneath them.

  • The article has a really weird mix of metric and in game weight measurement.
    No they didn’t increase allowance to 600 and then 800 kg.
    There is no metric option in the game at all so it’s just confusing people.

    Sometimes you have to compromise with the Americans and their stupid system when it comes to in game weights

    • Yeah I have no idea why the author converted it to kg… Because it makes absolutely no sense when you consider the game is played by everyone using the same ‘pounds’ measurement.

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