FIFA 21 Has Some Good Looking Hair

FIFA 21 Has Some Good Looking Hair

I don’t play sports games. I don’t even watch sports. But I’m always impressed by some good looking, next-gen hair. And the latest FIFA game on next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X has some damn fine hair.

I know nothing about soccer games, so it’s possible FIFA 21 is a terrible game filled with bugs and other problems. But whatever, look at this hair tech as featured in a new Digital Foundry video.

Gifs don’t do it justice. It looks a bit like TressFX, the tech that some games have used to do nicer looking hair. But this seems more lifelike and gorgeous. I’m now jealous of digital soccer players and their fake hair.

And yes, it might be a bit too bouncy, but many of these players are rich and can afford quality hair products, so I’m just assuming they have great, silky, and bouncy hair.

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