Genshin Impact Wins Apple And Google Play’s Best Game Of 2020

Genshin Impact Wins Apple And Google Play’s Best Game Of 2020
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Huh, people seem to like massive free-to-play action role-playing games with serious The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild vibes. miHoYo’s Genshin Impact came out on top of both Google and Apple’s official game of the year lists, beating out whatever the Candy Crush people are doing and all of those games advertised in other games that aren’t actually the games advertised. You know the ones.

Genshin Impact might be a greedy free-to-play grind with big opportunities for players to overspend on special characters, but it sure is pretty, isn’t it? Seasoned console gamers and people sitting on toilets with their phones alike fell in love with the world of Teyvat and its various nations, which include Monistat and Subaru. I didn’t get very far in the game when I played, but I can see the appeal.

I’m also not sure who judges the Apple and Google Play awards and how winners are chosen, but I like to think each game had a small chance of being picked that could be made larger by investing gems or crystals purchased with real money.

Note that Genshin Impact only received iPhone game of the year from Apple, with the iPad GOTY going to Legends of Runterra from Riot Games. Sneaky Sasquatch won Apple Arcade game of the year, meaning Apple liked paying for it the best out of all the Apple Arcade games. Check out all the Apple awards here.

Meanwhile, at Google Play’s 2020 awards, Genshin Impact is the big winner but the “Players’ Choice” award goes to Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off, a clone of so many different games it’s gone full circle and become original again. That’s mobile gaming, folks!


  • The distaste really radiates through this article – it probably should’ve been written by someone who played more than a few hours.

    Someone who’s played the thing definitely wouldn’t characterise Genshin Impact as greedy. You can very easily and comfortably get through all of the currently available story content without buying into the pay-to-avoid-grind barrier that most F2P games bring up eventually. Paying real money is only for serious min-maxers or people who want to dramatically outlevel current content with endgame power levels. The game is the opposite of greedy. It’s fucking generous.

    Additionally, this isn’t a case of ‘huh, I guess people really are superficial’ – the game’s appeal shouldn’t be judged on being pretty, but in the way it rewards exploration with endless puzzles, progression, and lore. And it’s lore that is both broad and deep, for anyone who could be bothered to read it, that reaches out and links to hints and personal stories told across the lands, and it’s been integrated into NPC conversations and quests. It takes the form of notes, books, NPC encounters, and even environmental story-telling. I’d peg its environment alone as more carefully detailed than BotW’s.

    So yeah, this mocking, dismissive ‘I imagine votes could probably be paid for by crystals’ kind of attitude is ignorant and dishonest, and frankly the dictionary definition of prejudice.

    preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

    • Does the game have a cost on consoles? I’d seriously consider the Switch version next year. If it’s free, I’d probably even drop a little money on it. I’m totally down for more BOTW style games.

        • Heh. No notifications on replies, no edits. Those features seem like they’re a world away, not part of the initial requirements. Haven’t heard from Alex in a while on when those features could be expected. Doesn’t look good for ever getting them, despite how much it hurts engaging with the site.

          Anyway, there is no cost on consoles. The base game with its fucktonnes of content is 100% free. That said, I was having a great time exploring it, so I dropped a token purchase price on one of the battle passes, so for me it was closer to $25 or something. Well worth it.

          And if you enjoy playing things on hard mode, pushed more into exploiting elemental combos and such, playing with only the freely-awarded characters without doing a single gacha draw (despite the fact that the game gives you dozens of them for free – pro-tip, do the 10-draw option instead of the 1-draw whenever possible to guarantee at least one good quality drop) can be a more tactical challenge than dropping cash into rolling one of the few top-tier characters that comes bundled with an ‘I win’ button and ploughing all your upgrade materials into them.

          • Just a minor correction on singles vs 10 pulls – they are identical. Single pulls share the same 10 pull “pity” 4 star, a 10 pull just guarantees at least one 4 star because you always hit the pity.

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