Here’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of 2020

Here’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of 2020

2020 was, on the whole, a very disappointing year. So which game claims the top spot as the most disappointing game of 2020?

No one can deny that it was a big year in gaming. New consoles were launched, anticipated games were finally released and a pandemic forced us into our homes and onto our consoles and computers for months on end. But there were still plenty of gaming disappointments in 2020.

Before we get to the winners, we have to shout out some of these creative and very relevant answers for most disappointing game.

Trying to buy a 3080 The game of trying to buy a new console Scalpers buying everything to sell at unreasonable prices cyberass IRL: Melbourne Edition Pandemic (live action adaptation) I’m not really enjoying this free-to-play, augmented reality port of Plague Inc. life in 2020

Clearly, there’s a theme emerging here.

A shout out must also go to the person who responded with “Anthem again” after it took out the most disappointing game last year.

But, moving on, coming out in third place overall was…

Warcraft III: Reforged

After the huge backlash that Warcraft 3: Reforged received, it’s no surprise to find it on this list.

Warcraft 3: Reforged was supposed to be a huge upgrade of a beloved classic game. But after suffering server issues, subpar graphics and a frustrating UI, the game wasn’t so much ‘reforged’ as it was ‘refunded’.

Blizzard began offering instant refunds for unhappy players while urgently trying to deliver upgrades and patches (sound familiar?). Warcraft 3: Reforged was one of those cases where what was promised was not what was delivered. Another recurring theme in 2020 it seems.

The Last Of Us 2

last of us 2 abuse

There’s plenty of reasons The Last of Us 2 is gathering multiple Game of the Year awards but also happens to be on this list. It was, and still is, a hugely polarising game.

The long awaited sequel to Joel and Ellie’s story put plenty of fans offside thanks to its story and gameplay twists. But it was also a very dark and depressing game. A story of vengeance, grief and pain set in a post-pandemic world didn’t really do wonders for morale this year. Perhaps 2020 just wasn’t the right year for The Last of Us 2.

The game was designed from the get-go to make players uncomfortable. Maybe it did its job too well.

And now in the number one spot as the most disappointing game of 2020…

Cyberpunk 2077

Image: Cyberpunk 2077
Image: Cyberpunk 2077

Shocking absolutely no one, Cyberpunk 2077 is your most disappointing game of the year.

In a similar case to Warcraft 3, Cyberpunk was a much hyped game that failed to deliver on its promises.

Upon buying the game many players found that Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t play nearly as well on older consoles as was advertised. Plagued with endless bugs and graphical hindrances, many players labelled the game unplayable – forcing an apology and refunds from CD Projekt Red.

Cyberpunk 2077 still has plenty of potential, and many gamers playing on capable consoles and PCs continue to enjoy it. But it needs some serious patches and fixes to regain player’s trust.

It may be a good game underneath all the glitches, but it’s hard not to focus on the disappointment of what Cyberpunk 2077 could have been.

So there you have your most disappointing games from this disappointing year. Popular mentions that didn’t quite cut the top 3 included Watch Dogs Legion, Marvel’s Avengers and Doom Eternal.

Stay tuned this week for the results of your favourite game of 2020.


  • Cyberpunk 2077 has always run fine on my older (Z190) PC system. It’s interesting to see the console group being the one squirming. Like other games that launched with difficulties, say No Man’s Sky for example, one simply needs to wait and have faith in the devs, CD Projekt Red. I know I do.

    • I’d like to sell you this cool t shirt. I mean it just a string of cotton at the moment but just wait and have faith it’ll be a complete shirt. Eventually.

  • Cyberpunk isn’t surprising at all. I booted it up today for the first time on my One S, and it just looks awful. Some X360 games look better and run smoother.

    I know I’m getting a XSX next year when they’re widely available so I’m happy to wait until the next gen upgrade is out before playing it, but I would be so angry if I had no plans to upgrade my console.

  • I dunno, I feel like at least two of these are really, really lazy choices. There’s far more disappointing choices in gaming this year to pick from.

    The XIII Remake was abysmal beyond words.
    Elder Scrolls : Blades anyone?
    Warcraft Reforged: Absolutely, this deserves to be there. After all, it retroactively ruined WarCraft 3!
    What about NBA 2k21, the game, the full priced game, that has microtransactions AND unskippable ads?

    I understand the points about Cyberpunk, but a *lot* of those have already been patched out and it’s improving. Fact is, in time, Cyberpunk will play well and be fixed. Just like Witcher 3 was. Nothing excuses the state it was in for the earlier consoles (maybe the ancient hardware does… but eh), but the fact is, it’s a repairable situation. However, situations such as Reforged and NBA2k21? Those are shitshows worse than Cyberpunks.

    • I feel like you need to be excited about something to be disappointed by it.

      Personally I have no interest in any of those games you listed but Cyberpunk is the first day-one game I’ve bought in 15+ years due to the hype, hence my disappointment. I think many casual gamers like me are the same.

      • Agree. No one gave a shit about blades or XIII, and none of the games you mentioned have even near the hype and expectati9ons of Cyberpunk. It’s not a lazy choice if it’s the correct and accurate choice.

        • This is my line of thinking. Although I was kinda interested in XIII. I loved the original back when it was released. It was doing some SiN-like interesting interactive things with the Quake format, and that was always worth celebrating.

          Blades, though? I expected it to be shit, I didn’t care about it, and when it turned out to be shit, I wasn’t surprised or disappointed because I had fucking zero investment in it.

          • The original XIII is on GOG for a couple of dollars and it’s still pretty good. It has definitely aged, but it still plays better than many modern games and still looks a treat.

        • WC3 Reforged had a huge amount of hype in the RTS scene with what Blizzard promised (complete remake of campaigns etc). I honestly think it should’ve been first.

    • I think that’s the subtle but important distinction between “worst” and “most disappointing”. Whether something is disappointing is relative to the degree of excitement, and something doesn’t have to be terrible to be disappointing.

      • Agreed.

        Disappointment is the gulf between expectation and experience, whereas “worst” pertains entirely to the quality of the game.

        Worst can still be the most disappointing, but only if you’re expecting it to be great. Colonial Marine, I am looking at you (WOAT).

    • Agreed. How anyone could even contemplate putting Doom Eternal on a list of “Most Disappointing” is beyond WTF territory. I cannot understand what would drive someone to say it disappointed them, except that perhaps they just didn’t GIT GUD and learn how to play the game and just expected to be able to Super Shotgun their way through the entire game as though it was just Doom 2016. And that is 100% THEIR fault, and not Doom Eternal’s.

      To anyone who says Doom Eternal was disappointing: Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad. If you can come up with a reasoned criticism of why Doom Eternal was bad, I’ll be all ears, otherwise I’m just going to assume that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • I also can’t fathom it. Doom Eternal improved upon 2016 in every way, making it a much more challenging and infinitely more satisfying experience than 2016. You want your power fantasy? Fucking earn it. Absolutely wonderful.

    • I wasn’t a big fan of DOOM: Eternal, to be honest.

      I played it, I finished it, I returned it to EB Games and got a full refund.

      Regardless, I am not going to crap on the game at all, because it is actually a good title and I can’t really fault anything with it. I guess all I can say is that it’s just not for me.

      • If it was, by your own admission, good, free of fault and you finished it, why in the name of all that is holy did you have the gall to return it?

        You would have had to lie about one or all of the above. We have a name for doing that. It’s called fraud.

        I’m all in favour of refunds for broken products, but not when asshats game the system. No wonder retailers are reluctant to give refunds.

        Australian Consumer Law is some of the best in the world. It is there to protect us, not to let you play games for free.

        • Well, I did say in the last sentence of my post “It’s just not for me”.

          I finished DOOM: Eternal and unfortunately, after finishing the game, I had no intention of replaying it, so I decided to return it. I certainly keep games if I intend to play them again.

          EB Games has a seven day return policy on all console games (excluding PC). When they asked me why I’m returning it (PS4 copy), I was honest and just said it wasn’t a game for me, to which they accepted with no issue.

          • If you finished a game and then returned it claiming “it’s not for me”, then yeah, badge is right; that’s pretty much textbook fraud.

  • Cyberpunk is my anything but disappointing game of the year still. (Up to 103 hours and loving it) So… nope. The headline lies.

    Reforged should have had the top spot for sure tho!

    • I’m with you mate, loving it! Glitchy yes.. but so was skyrim, every fallout, GTA, basically every open world game. The voice acting and story is next level in my opinion. Some filler side missions etc but thats the norm these days, still lots of engaging ones!
      The game was delayed for performance issues hence why the reviewers never got to review the console version, that would be silly don’t you think?! But i do think it was in worse a state than they anticipated and ultimately fell short on those consoles its scope outgrew last gen in the end but on a 3080 pc its insane in Raytraced 4k HDR. Yes it has had a rough time but at the same time i feel it’s not getting enough praise for what it has achieved. With 3 continous autosaves and manual saves theres nothing that can’t be fixed by a replaod. albeit my experience with needing to was very small. like 3 times.
      Love it and would recommend it highly. Maybe i’m just a lucky one like the other 12 million that didn’t refund

  • Here is a question about WC3 Reforged.
    Have they fixed it yet? (it was released a while ago)

    because while Cyberpunk 2077 is a “bigger” disappointment. (I don’t think so)
    it is getting fixed slowly (but in complete fairness, it is Christmas and Covid is really bad in Europe at the moment) so I can wait awhile til the next update

    • Nope, no attempts at fixes from what I’ve seen, or even implementing the features they lied about. CDPR at least has made a statement of intent for fixes. Not so the case for Blizzard and Reforged. On that basis alone Reforged should take out top honours.

  • This really pisses me off about the last of us part 2,, on so many different levels. Great game definitely worth its money. And story kept you grinding hour after hour. Sometimes I think us gamers just bitch a little to much. There weren’t even any bugs in the game for people to be shitty at. The game played flawlessly looked amazing. If people can’t get behind a company that push the limits maybe they should stick to there mobile games and stay there

  • Are you fucking kidding me? Cyberpunk 2077 should be rated as the No.1 most disappointing game not Naughty’s Dog’s The Last of Us Part II for fuck’s sake.
    I mean CD Projekt Red was forced to apologise for making the game unplayable and for not providing players the experience they wanted also why the fuck did Warner Bros and CD Projekt Red have to add John Wick’s Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077?

      • James will be receiving a significant firmware upgrade in the new year. He should be running way better by Feb. Please check back regularly and let me know if you notice a significant improvement.


        • Mogwai’s point is valid.

          The article does list 2077 as the #1 most disappointing game.

          Last of Us 2 is listed as #2, and Reforged as #3.

          • I’m having this surreal moment where I’m not actually sure if James is sincere, or a troll, or an in-joke I’m not privvy to, or actually bot like people always comment. I don’t know what to think at this point.

  • So the 2 most disappointing games are also the 2 most hyped games? Sounds about right. Both games are actual brilliant when compared to everything else that was released but the over hype killed them.

    Nintendo knows how to do this right, announce a game, give no details about it then subbenly give it a release date that’s about 3 months away or even less.

  • Hey, now. Cyberpunk has brought me many laughs. Seeing Jackie go ‘pew pew’ with fingerguns had me chuckling while every NPC ignored the fact I was wearing no pants. Until it crashed, of course. After the recent update, it…sort of works?

  • I kinda agree with this list.

    While I enjoyed The Last of Us: Part II, it’s probably a game that I will never replay. The controversial story didn’t feel as strong as its predecessor and I felt elements of the game play became quite repetitive. Given that TLOU2 is easily twice as long as the first game, I kinda felt like TLOU2 was overstaying its welcome as I kept asking myself “When will this end?” There were also some minor annoyances in-game as well. For example, I hated playing with an A.I. partner, as they frequently got in my way and were just a general nuisance. I would like to acknowledge TLOU2 as a graphical masterpiece though, especially considering it’s running on PS4 hardware.

    I’m playing Cyberpunk for PS5 (PS4 copy) and I’m enjoying the game, 65 hours in and still playing… but I won’t lie in admitting that despite my enjoyment and play time, I am feeling some disappointment. Yesterday alone, the game crashed on me four times, and as we all know, there are so many bugs. Most of these bugs are hardly game-breaking, but sometimes you’ll encounter a bug where the only solution is to reload your save file, or load up an even older file, get back up to the point you experienced a bug, and pray that it doesn’t happen again. Perhaps in a way, this is my own fault, as maybe I should have just waited for bugs to get ironed out, and further waited for the dedicated PS5 version to come out.

    With Cyberpunk 2077, I am also disappointed with some “what could (or should) have been” elements… for example, in a game play video from either 2018 or 2019 (I think 2018), the developers show off the mantis blades, being able to climb (or at least) cling to walls, and I think I saw wall running as well. I don’t know why things like this were never added into the final product.

    • I might add the Resident Evil 3 remake to my “Most Disappointing” list for 2020.

      I adored the Resident Evil 2 remake of 2019. The game allowed you the opportunity to play as Leon and Clair, and while both campaigns were similar, they were different enough to warrant replays. On top of that, they also included their “Second Run” scenarios, which allowed players to replay the game up to four times. Then the game of course had H.U.N.K’s insanely difficult bonus mission and free DLC.

      The Resident Evil 3 remake though, once you finish it… that’s it. There’s no real need to go through the game again, and the campaign is quite short, able to be completed within five to eight hours. No additional campaigns and no DLC. There’s some unlockables, but it’s not worth it.

      On top of that, the Resident Evil 3 remake doesn’t at all feel like a sequel, but more of an expansion pack, utilising recycled elements from the previous game.

      Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my run through RE3, it’s just a shame that the game had so little to offer, aside from its short campaign.

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