Hi Kotaku, as always, it’s been a huge honour getting to be the guest writer for the weekend.

Hi Kotaku, as always, it’s been a huge honour getting to be the guest writer for the weekend.
Illustration: Capcom, Kotaku
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Hi Kotaku, as always, it’s been a huge honour getting to be the guest writer for the weekend. I love reading the comments and so many of you share so many awesome things, I always feel I’m learning so much (and also getting some really cool game recommendations). Please have a safe holiday season and I genuinely hope 2021 is full of cool new games and a lot more positive news for everyone. Finally, thanks to the Kotaku staff for giving me the chance to fill in as I think they’re the best around and they inspire me continually with their fantastic writing and thoughtful pieces!

Any last thoughts, questions, or words, feel free to leave them in the comments. Otherwise, I’m getting back to playing some Lunar and Mega Man Legends. See you next time space cowboy! 


  • Great job Peter – love the positive spirit.

    For KotakuAU 2021 i’d love to see less U.S team articles, particularly those focussed on social/political issues, and more boardgame coverage.

    • There are dozens of websites that provide something much closer to what you claim to be looking for. The fact that you’re still here and still bitching for Kotaku to look a little bit more like the rest of the bland gaming press suggests that, in fact, Kotaku is doing something right after all, if only to give you no shortage of opportunities to call the wambulance over and over and over again. Seriously, if you weren’t here you’d just end up somewhere else to fighting the good fight on behalf of obnoxious white heterosexual males everywhere.

      • Yeah, pretty much exactly what angorafish said.

        Also, novasensei, I know your expressed problem was with the sociopolitical content, but you do realise that Peter is from the Kotaku US team, right? Seems weird to say you want less Kotaku US content in a post that you are complementing the work of a Kotaku US writer…

      • Hey mate, which from these ‘dozens’ of sites do you think is the best? I’m legitimately looking suggestions, Kotaku and polygon are all I read and I would like to have a site with a different focus to go to as well.

        • You’re asking the wrong bloke. I’m here because I like the content, unlike a lot of the regular posters who apparently enjoy torturing themselves clicking through into long form articles that they claim to hate.

          • Youre the one who keeps on claiming theses dozens of websites exist. But when you are asked about them, This is your response.

      • You certainly jumped to a lot of conclusions very quickly there. Sorry, but i’m not the strawman you’re looking for. Not even close.

        • What can I say, I find it particularly amusing when MEH FREE SPEECHS types spend so much of their energy demanding that they not be forced to read opinions they don’t personally like.

          • Nope you hust seem like a deranged person who throws baseless accusations at anyone you perceive to have an opinion that differs to your own.

            How dare i suggest that i want a gaming site to focus games….

            You make this place far worse than any of the people you are constantly railing against.

        • Funny though how most of the articles you comment on are related to race, gender & sexual preference, eh? Given how you’re not at all interested in those topics, eh?

          • Considering most of those topics have broken logic, unfounded claims of bigotry which are echoed by you with proof being opinion pieces from the guardian that claim the same thing, with again no proof where context is damned to the final level of dantes inferno cause we cant have context, on a gaming website where there tenious grasp on having anything related to gaming is a thin as your grasp on reality.
            No wonder you like those articles so much, considering again, those are also the majority of your comments.

      • You’d know better than I but is nova even one of the guys you regularly butt heads with?

        It just seems like his comment was innocuous enough that it wouldn’t be worth jumping all over.

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