How The Decepticons Nearly Stole Christmas

How The Decepticons Nearly Stole Christmas
Evil leader. (Screenshot: Hasbro)

The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons is a serious conflict spanning millions of years. Hasbro’s new holiday-themed Transformers stop-motion short recalls the time Megatron and his cronies very nearly stole Christmas from Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Windblade, and Grimlock.

It’s nice to see million-year-old robots from another planet embracing human traditions. One would think being actively engaged in a never-ending war is a good reason to skip the holiday season. Not the Autobots. They’ve got all the human holiday angles covered.

Actual toy does not shoot flame, sadly.  (Screenshot: Hasbro)Actual toy does not shoot flame, sadly. (Screenshot: Hasbro)

In a truly impressive work of stop-motion animation — especially considering how little articulation toys from Hasbro’s Transformers: Cyberverse line possess–Megatron and his henchbots arrive just in time to ruin everyone’s fun. A battle ensues. There are no visual human casualties, but I’m imagining rivers of blood. To be fair, I’m always imagining rivers of blood. Happy holidays.

Poor Shockwave. He was so happy about that hat.

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