I Wanna Be The Guy Has Been Remastered

I Wanna Be The Guy Has Been Remastered
Image: Kayin

A group of fans have remastered I Wanna Be the Guy, improving the notoriously difficult platformer’s performance for those still willing to subject themselves to its dastardly tricks.

“This is a mostly faithful remaster of the original I Wanna Be the Guy, trying to balance the spirit of the original game with the desire for consistent physics like the fan games that came after, and fixing some of the jank,” the remaster’s developers explain in its README file.

This updated version of I Wanna Be the Guy ports the game from its original incarnation as a Multimedia Fusion 2 project to the Yuuutu engine, a popular tool for creating derivative fan works. Major changes include a reduction in input latency, custom controls, and skippable boss intros. A full list of adjustments is included with the game download.

I Wanna Be the Guy creator Michael “Kayin” O’Reilly has officially endorsed the remaster, calling it the “perfect package” for anyone who wants to try out the game in 2020 without the hassles that typically accompany applications of its age.

“Also, for other devs, this is why releasing your source code is so important,” O’Reilly added. “Even some dodgy-arse MMF2 source files can eventually be used by someone else to try and keep your work alive.”

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